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Semi OT: The system is so broken

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I'm not sure if this story has been in national news but it's not far from me so I've seen a few stories on it. I can't comprehend how the court have her so many chances.

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It's so disgusting that they let her keep the other kids after killing each. I know that often case workers are overworked but something needs to change and Simone other than her needs to be held accountable. She didn't kill all 3 at once she did it one at a time over a year.

Reading this made me think about how courts are so pro keeping kids with Mom and always trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

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Our court system is so screwed up. Someone can get decades in prison for having a few ounces of marijuana.   But others can murder babies and either get off or get a short sentence. 

I read today about a woman who cracked her father’s head in two places with a fire poker who was convicted of misdemeanor assault instead of attempted murder and was sentenced to 150 days in jail. 

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And so it goes, and so it goes.

As I and others on here have told a few VERY zealous SM's, a change of custody from BM to NCP/Dad takes bm getting hauled off to the brink. Even then,  half the time bm's get custody back sooner or later after their little vacation in jail.

The system is broken. Most dads are not dead beats dads either.

So if anyone who thinks their husbands can get custody after BM already has it.and now that YOU have arrived  dropped glitter and sprinkle dust over dh's house and head ( Wink ...drop it, save your money, live your life to the fullest. Do your best to stay out of court even IF that means max out cs...let bm have it all. Doesnt mean dh doesn't love his kids,,,

It just doesnt matter how many texts you saved or how many vm you have OR how many notebooks of 'documentation' just doesn't matter.

Ok I got off my high horse...



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This is so true!! The court will look at it and just shrug.... it is so sick, and I cannot understand it.  I would never have believed it until I saw it all with my own eyes. 

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Toxic Troll would drink and physically/verbally/emotionally abuse DH, when they were married. Even before. She would do all this while kids were watching. No consequences. Then a few years back, she beat the eldest in front of the youngest. No consequences!

It just doesnt matter. BM's will always win!