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SD17 finally got her license....and in good fashion

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Within a few hours it was BM 

BM wouldn’t let SD get her license until she was 17. So DH finally made her do it on her birthday.

she was excited the day she got it and we let her drive SD12 and DD12 to the store for a little bit.

well BM flipped OUT. She went OFF that SD12 was allowed in the car.

i literally laughed out loud because if anyone remembers my posts about BM she is a fall down drunk.

so BM drove herself home drunk last night and layed into SD17 and then DH how unsafe it was. Again I’m dying laughing because in just the last months BM has driven the skids with one eye open since she was so drunk and drove her truck into a ditch and abandoned it....the police cane knocking that night....and then ran off the road another time.

crazy! Right? BM is drunk driving the skids probably 70 percent of the time......


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Assessment confirms that according to the law she is qualified to drive anybody in her car.

bio mum afraid daughter is gaining independence huh? Is she a narcissist? Because they want their kids dependent on them and when they get to the point they’re so bloody useless and failed to launch they just ditch them

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Actually, here in my state, she would not legally be allowed to drive two other kids in her car the day she got her license - if they are under 18 they can't have more than one other kid in their car.

But at any rate, BM is a hypocrite. 

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We have graduated licenses in my state, too, and until you've been driving a year or are 18 you can't have more than one person under 18 in the car, but there's an exception for siblings.  I've never looked to see if step-siblings count.

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That law is in place here 16 only for like 6 months after. At 17 it’s a full non restricted license.

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it feeds her ego that her kids have no brains nad depend on her. Thats the mission is keep them stupid, mislead and lie to them but when the going gets tough and she realises she gets no financial benefit off of them, but rather they cost her money, out the door she is or in my husbands case, exwife faked an I cannot walk syndrome magically identified by a witch dr so she could palm off the 13 yr old to live with sd24. Because the ultimate thing is to not have kids live with daddy, he is the enemy after all when in reality its the mum

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Oh my gosh yes. The last sentence is so true.

BM has always tried to get the kids to stay with relatives and never DH when she goes out of town on her time. It’s so strange.

She also tries her to best to get them to stay with her on DHs time and makes elaborate plans for skids anytime dh is supposed to have them for an extended period of time.....but then she also plays the overwhelmed single mom card.....yeah ok.

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Haha! Just double check the laws and restrictions of your state to make sure about the passenger thing. Regardless of BM's hypocritical ramblings, you want to make sure SD doesn't get a ticket.

Things are so different from when I got my license!

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I'd be in courts demanding full emergency custody and supervised visitations only if my ex drove drunk with DD in the car.  How does she even have license if she drives wuth one eye open and drives into a ditch and off the road repeatedly in one month? And she isn't arrested? Her calling DH and bothering him is a minor problem comparing to this terrible nonsense. Did DH spoke to a lawyer about it?

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She’s just gotten lucky and hasn’t been caught. When the car got into the ditch....she ran and got a ride home. Nothing the police could do when they came to her house once they found the car....they couldn’t prove she was drinking so she got a minor ticket for something lame.

dh won’t call the’s not worth it and would do him no good. You still have to have legit “proof” and the skids are team nothing would ever come if it. Only hope is that she gets pulled over and arrested at some point....

i guess he could hire a private investigator but he isn’t going to. 

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You'd have thought that BM would be rejoicing that she has a free taxi service now that her daughter has a liscence. No more ditches for BM, just call SD to collect her from the bar.

I suppose once BM's licence is suspended she will work out that having a kid who can drive her around will be useful.  

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You’d think. Oddly SD has had her permit for 2 year and still BM wouldn’t  let her all those times BM is drunk she could have SD driving her and SD12 around but she just drives the kids herself.