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SD17 is about to make a REALLY bad decision... Part three

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So if you've been following this series, i have the turn out of sd's mistake she was making. 


So sd went to this party looking to hook up with her friend's ex... well he turned her down and she posted "woe is me" crying pics and videos about how she was rejected and is vomit crying.  

Well pay three is she's lost both of her friends over it.  But apparently gained a bunch more... while at this party she texted one of her friends saying "lol,  sorry I'm so popular and am at this party and you weren't invited".  So she lost that friend, and the friend of the ex she tried to hook up with but was rejected by... but everyone at this party is apparently now her friend (i doubt this). 


Sd apologized to her friend that she texted,  and she "forgave her" but they didn't talk after the apology, so then when they saw each other at a soccer game, the sd went over trying to ask her why they aren't talking anymore. She kept saying, "we'll talk later".. well they ended up talking, the friend gave sd this long list of reasons that she doesn't want to be sd's friend anymore. On the list was: 

She never listens to her problems, always talks about herself. 

Only cares about herself

Never apologizes for anything

Always makes everything about herself

So sd got her feelings hurt, made a huge "apology", but it's complaining that her friend never apologized for not telling sd that she ever wanted to talk about herself...

What?  Why would this friend need to apologize? Sd is crazy if she even thinks she's owed an apology.

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Best not to watch. SD has no idea how pathetic it is to do the weeping number on internet. She doesn't realize that she is showing exactly why she got dumped. Best to look away... 

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It's just like everything I've always said has been validated by her "best friend"! But of course when asked about what "best friend" said, SD denied any of that is true.... yes, ok SD, i just happen to think the exact same thing about you. 

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So sad for SD, NOT!

This was a teachable moment for your self absorbed, drama queen SD. She may not take this NOW as a lesson. I predict one day when she looks back, and she has no friends, she will realize how this ex friend was right...

NAH she probably wont LOL but oh well. Like I said Too bad So sad for poor wittle SD.

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I am not a psychologist, but I am VERY much into psychology, and I like to study things... I have a VERY strong feeling that SD has NPD (narcissitic personality disorder) (I also think this about BM, which would make sense because it can be inherited). EVERYTHING that I have noticed about SD from the VERY VERY beginning has pointed to it... and with NPD, I don't think that they ever look back and regret anything, because nothing any their fault, ever. They believe that people are either obsticles or they are pawns to get what they want...