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Sd13, notorious food thief, strikes again!

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Im  just glad it wasn't or house again.  Apparently her step dad keeps 5lb bags of sour patch kids hidden in his underwear drawer for himself.  Well sd13 went into his room and found a brand new bag, put it in her back pack and took it to school, and ate the whole thing. She also took his frozen burritos to school for lunch along with her regular lunch.  She's been told several times that the frozen burritos were her step dad's.  


When BM called dh to tell him all these things,  and that she doesn't know what to do,  sd13 is now 200lbs, only 5'6", and is gaining more weight.  Dh told her, "I've been telling you that sd13 needs counseling.  You don't listen, i can't take her,  you have to take her." Then she changes the subject to sd13's room is filthy and that she isn't going to let sd13 continue the school play if she keeps her room a mess. Which dh agrees with she will clean her room at our house and then destroy it within 15 minutes. And leave it for 2 weeks. 

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Eating her way to metabolic diseases.
Poor kid.
Food and cleanliness issues?
Poor parenting all round.

Btw, SD doesn't only need counselling.
She needs a diet (not crash but lifestyle adjustment) and someone to explain the health implications to her.

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I know I'm not her parent, but i HAVE explained healthy eating to her, and I've heard dh explain healthy eating ti her.  The fact that food isn't entertainment, it's fuel for your body, you have to feed your body healthy foods or you are going to end up with serious health issues, just like if you fueled your car with junk, you'll end up with a broken down car.  Ive shown her how to eat healthy, and that you can still eat big enough portions that you'll be full! Ive made breakfast lunch and dinner for her all summer, giving her so much food that she couldn't possibly eat it all. And according to spark people (diet app) she's still not taking in enough calories. But as soon as she's back into old routines (we only get her for extended periods during the summer, so she's back with her mom)  she starts eating junk ALL THE TIME. And then she steals food, this year she's began stealing money. 

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I have to wonder what is making SD eat and binge the way she does? Is she comfort eating? She needs counseling because this is just another form of dealing with something that she obviously has not addressed. Why doesn't her BM not take her for therapy? There is something very wrong here and denying her help is heartbreaking.

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I completely agree.  I was the one who mentioned to dh that i think his daughter needed to talk to someone like a counselor or psychologist. My kids see a psychologist, so he knew my statement wasn't coming from a place of judgment, but a place of concern.  I think BM is afraid that if she takes sd to a psychologist, that it will mean she failed as a parent.  I get that feeling, but if your child NEEDS counseling or psychological help and you DON'T take them, then you REALLY failed as a parent.