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SD wants her stuff, but not enough to keep it herself?

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We moved about 6 months ago and are finally getting around to going through some boxes of old things to pitch/organize. SD no longer lives with us and will not be coming back (long story). We have about 5 garbage bags of her stuffed animals (that I cleaned up off the filthy garage floor at our old house) and 4 boxes of her trinkets. DH and I are donating or trashing more than we are saving. I only saved two small boxes of mementos from my almost 30 years. I suggested DH run SD's things to her house and see what we can get rid of and what she would like to keep. He comes home and says she wants it all...BUT...she doesn't have room for it and we need to keep storing it all for her. WTH! I know they do not have room for storage and we that is not a big deal. It just irks me that she says she has to have ALL of it...including a huge stuffed bear she gave me 6 years ago because it took up too much room in her bedroom. Now it is a prized possession? She wasn't worried about packing it up to move to our new house, if it wasn't for me it would have been left behind.

DH didn't seem bothered by it at all. 1) how many stuffed animals does a 13 year old that acts 18 need? 2) how long are we supposed to store this for her? She won't even want the stuffed animals by the time she has her own place. I have news for her...she (I mean we) are not keeping all of her old toys! I am pitching those without even suggesting DH ask her about them first!

Would anyone else be a little irked about this?