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SD the thief, really can't wait until it bites her in the a$$

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A bit of back story. Sd had stolen money from her mother on 2 occasions and from her 7yo brother on 2 occasions.  After hearing this,  all the kids ste to keep their wallets and all their money in our room. That way it's harder for sd to get to.  

So to this past weekend,  Me And DD15 went and worked the craft show this weekend.  DD earned $35. She asked if we could go get more supplies for her crafting. She asked if i could pull out $5. This was Sunday. Fast forward to today, dh was counting up the money,  $10 more dollars went missing! 

Dh isn't going to blame sd, because their is no cameras in our room, so we can't see who did it. Stop dh just gave DD $10 more to make up for it. 

Sd is a lying, manipulative, gluttonous, bullying, thief.  Her mother won't take her to counseling. Dh legally cannot,  he's non conservator and non custodial. I have times that i feel sorry for her, because i know something is wrong, but when she takes from/ hurts my kids, i want her to go to her mother's house and never come back.  I have dreams of how wonderful it would be if she were never born.  Then i feel guilty, how could a person think that esu about a child? 

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Maybe you should put cameras in your room. Do you think your H will react differently if he has proof on film that his D is the thief?

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We've put cameras in the rest of the house,  and caught her being a food thief. Hasn't really changed the way he reacts. I feel weird about cameras in ther bedrooms.  

Eta- he will likely question sd, but unless she straight up confesses, he won't do anything.  To clarify,  if the was a camera showing sd took it, he'd tell ay her and tell her she's going to end up in prison one day if she continues doing this.  But she's already heard all this from him before and from her mom.  She doesn't change, she just becomes better at sneaking. 

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Place the camera in the hallway showing who enters your bedroom. If she enters your room - she's guilty. I assume she knows there are cameras in the house? If yes, then her know she is not allowed in your room and if she enters your room, she will be held responsible for anything that goes missing. If she doesn't know about the cameras, tell your DH if she goes in your room, you will insist she be punished for going in your room, AND she will be responsible for any money that goes missing.

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So you're living with a thief and yet do nothing to protect your stuff from her.  Get a lock box, safe, and any other means to protect your stuff.  You can't depend on DH to do it.  You do it.  Stop living like she isn't a thief.  Start living like she is one.  

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To be fair, we moved the money into our rooms thinking it would keep her from stealing it. But i agree, I'm going to buy a lock box that only i have the key/code to. Im debating getting one with a code, because she may figure out a code,  whereas it's only i have a key, she can't get to it. 

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Locks can be picked if you don't invest in a good one. Better to get a combination dial OR a digital lock that can accept 5 or 6 characters OR a gun safe that recognizes your fingerprints.

Every digit you add to a combination increases the possible combinations exponentially. It would take way too long for her to figure it out - and don't use a combo she could figure out. Think back to your childhood for an event you remember the date of (not your birthday), that no one else but you would know. Use that.

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DH is not going to go anything.  You need a safe type box to really lock up money and valuables.  Because you are going to need money for lawyers 

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Im going to buy one this weekend. Thanks. I hope it doesn't come down to lawyers. We've been married for 7 yrs

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I would never keep cash in the house.  Open an account at a local credit union and deposit all cash asap. Or give the cash to DH and have him write you a check you can deposit online/with an app.  I know it's a pain but really, it's the safest.   She can figure out a code and many of those lock boxes with keys have locks that are easy to pick.    

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What about a fingerprint lock? But i think those have a key for back up... 

Even if i had a credit union fir my daughter's money, i wouldn't have probably deposited it right away anyway, we were all hot and exhausted after all day saturday at the craft show. It sucks stup much living in a house with a thief.  Always worrying not about IF she's going to steal, but WHEN she's going to steal again. This time it was $10, what's it going to be next time? 

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Sounds like my 30yo SIL.  I can't wait for someone to finally press charges so she can have her Orange is the new Black experience.

I can't stand POS people.

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It's sad having to live like that and not having that security in your own home to have money but fear SD may steal it. I'd get the lock box like everyone suggested (get a good one) and get a lock for your bedroom so she's not able to enter it. Its unfortunate that it has to come to that. If your H doesn't like it than he needs to do something about it, otherwise get a lock for your bedroom door and the safe box.

Its not fair for you or the rest of the family to live this way because SD has sticky fingers.

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Your daughter must be an awesome crafter to earn $35 at a craft show! Wow! I’m so proud.

My stepbrat is a food thief, too. He took something that was mine, too.