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SD Therapist

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SD8 had a scary meltdown a few months ago and has been seeing a therapist since. The therapist called DH and I to schedule a meeting to discuss her diagnosis. SD8 has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Usually, they don't diagnose this until yound adulthood, but based on the severity of what SD has been telling in her therapy sessions.

I've read up a little and now I'm really worried about having SD around the other kids - especially my 5 month old DD. The therapist mentioned that SD8 is having difficulty adjusting to being a big sister - that she resents how much attention the baby gets.

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I would also get a second opinion, however, I am not one to trust a thing a therapist says. If you can't diagnose it by blood or cat scan it really is just an "opinion" I would go somewhere else.

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I'm a Child Therapist. Yes, I am on here for support as well. SD8 is too young to officially diagnose. Try to remember that this "label" will follow her through her whole life. Even if she grows up and out of it (as we all pray our skids will), it may then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will look for behaviors that are typical teenage behavior and call it BPD. I offer that all adult should look up what are considered "age-appropriate behaviors" as she grows up. This doesn't mean stop parenting! This means that you will be able to tell where the line of typical self centered children are and guide, and give consequences appropriately... then watch for out of bounds behavior: suicidal tendencies, self-torture through eating disorders or cutting, etc. If you want a second opinion... get one. Everyone is different. BPD can be scary. Protect all others in the home always.

This diagnosis must have been very difficult to hear. I am so sorry.

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Sorry to be gone so long! My computer got a nasty trojan. Sad

Thanks for replying. The therapist was chosen by BM. My suggestions of a 2nd opinion were shot down. I think one of the main reasons SD was diagnosed with BPD is that BM also carries that diagnosis. The therapist said that the best thing for SD would be to live with us full time and try to "re-train" SD. However, doing that could do more harm that good. DH and BM have decided to limit time that SD spends with us (and our DD). SD is with us Friday night - Sunday night. We've "lost" Thursdays and Mondays.

I take the other kids out of the house for most of the day on Saturday. Sundays have been easier now that SD gets 100% of DH's attention the day before. smh.