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SD pi$$ed off the U.S. Army!

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My SD got married at 22, her DH was in the Army, after about a month of marriage he had to go to training before being deployed to Iraq, while he was gone she was hooking up with another guy (was seen by many military friends of her DH) and using his debit card on this guy to go out to eat, shop etc. well he found out after returning from training, his Commander and everyone was involved, she even had to go talk to them,apparently she did NOT make a good impression because they pushed a divorce through within 30 days before he deployed so she couldn't get ANY of his deployment money. I do have to say that all the Years of having NO backup with this sociopath who has made my life miserable it felt good to know the U.S. Army had my back! Lol
God Bless America!

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Priceless! Well, another example of the result of free range, lazy parenting. A whore who cheats on someone who made an honest woman out of her and was off defending our country.

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How pathetic she is. Her husband is out defending our country and she goes and cheats on him after a month of marriage? She should be ashamed of herself! Disgusting!
I'm happy you feel validated. It's nice to finally know that others see what you've seen all along. Appalling

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Yes Amber, unfortunately Daddy got over it quickly when she started giving her sob story of how horrible her ex was, saying he drank too much knowing this is one thing DH doesn't like because his brother died of alcoholism. Now. this kid worked 12-14 hr days, was up at 4:30am every morning to workout before work so how much could he have been drinking? Just another manipulation tactic to use on Daddy! I gave up hoping DH would open his eyes, fortunately for me she lives several states away with a new boyfriend and it will be over my dead body before she lives in the same house I do again!

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Well done army!
I can imagine it is very hard and very stressful managing a relationship and marriage with someone serving, but the difficulties I can think of are more related to the additional stress over their welfare. Not the lack of attention.
Shame on her for being such a hoe but at the same time, thank goodness she was so soon discovered and the army had his back.

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This is a very similar situation to what my eldest BIL experienced when he was in the US Army. He was deployed to Nicaragua and Haiti for humanitarian missions while he was dating a very beautiful young camp follower who at 19 had 3 kids by two different XH soldiers. She was clearing out his accounts while he was deployed. A bank teller at his bank contacted his CO who worked with the bank to get the account shut down and his pay deposited to a different account.

BIL was going to marry this girl upon his return from deployment. Fortunately for him the US Army is well experienced with dealing with this kind of thing and has no issue doing the right thing to support soldiers and help prevent them from being victimized by the mystical attraction of the camp follower genitalia. This young lady was truly stunningly beautiful but did not have an inkling of character.

BIL was extremely embarrassed by being hoodwinked by this young lady and to this day gets very tight jawed when his brother or I rattle his cage about it. }:)

Fortunately he did not marry her.

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And my cousin.

During GW-I my cousin was deployed in the ME and his bride who was also a soldier was on assignment in the US. As his POA she could sign for anything and spent countless $thousands on credit which he was stuck with when she filed for divorce while he was deployed.

Kama kicked in when she and her new husband, also a soldier, were deployed and she ended up getting pregnant while they were deployed. She damned near went to prison for that one. Too bad she didn't.