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SD finally about to sleep in her own bed...

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BF is finally breaking the habit of SD4 sleeping in bed with us. I never agreed with it to begin with, but I let him figure that out on his own  and for him to enforce with her. This weekend will be the first time she will sleep in her toddler bed. She is very much a Daddy's girl and follows him everywhere. Last week BF slept on a sleeping bag because it was too hot with all three of us on the bed ( I only come on weekends). SD followed him and wanted to sleep on the ground with him. When she fell asleep he got in bed to cuddle with me for a bit. SD woke up and started crying telling him to come back and did not want to go to sleep. We both didnt get much sleep because of how uncomfortable it all was. I felt like a burden sleeping on his bed by myself while him and his daughter were on the ground. Please help with any suggestions of what I can do to make this better (if there is)/ what steps he should take or tips. I am foreseeing jealousy and anger taken out on me from her so Im trying to mentally prepare myself, but how should I handle it? We are all moving in together in 3 months so I really want to help her adjust.

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You mention you're only there on weekends, but how often is she there?  If she lives with him and he ONLY makes her sleep in her own bed when you're there, then she is definitely going to think it's your fault and she is going to be angry with you.  He needs to establish a bedtime routine and make sure that  he is consistent whether you are there or not.

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It's not that complicated-get a little cot or toddler bed for her to sleep on-put it on his side of the bed.

Explain she's to stay in her bed and not get into bed with Dad.