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Sd came to visit over spring break (only because dd18 came to visit from college)

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Sd hasn't really spent any time here since Christmas, other than for literally few waking hours on her bday but complained about the cake i made for dh (it is both sd and dh's birthday), and to pick up lipstain DH got for her. 

But because she likes dd18 (she sees her as popular & powerful and sd uses that to make herself feel popular & powerful adjacent), she came for a few days for spring break. Her bestie from school (who graduated last year and is in college this year) sd spent Saturday - Thursday with her bestie, then Thursday - Sunday  here. What's funny is sd got her feelings hurt that sd decided to go to dinner with friends one day, go to my moms to visit one day.  She really thought dd was going to just want to stick to her hip the entire time she was here. 

While everyone was hanging out in the living room, sd was trying to show us this one girl that looks like her. And to be fair, she looks similar, just more "polished" (fuller teeth, fuller lips, nicer smile, softer eyes, smoother hair, just all around prettier). But all sd could talk about was how AWFUL she was, that she was rude and not a nice person. And all i could think about was "jeez, she sounds just like you". Of course, i didn't say that.

She was talking about how this boy (that she liked)  agreed that this girl was awful. But then he ended up taking her to prom and dating her. Sounds like sd was MANIPULAING this boy into believing that the girl was awful. And once he figured out sd was just trying to keep him away from her he dated her.  Sd is ALWAYS trying to manipulate people for her own purposes. 

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Right?! I'm loving it. And she'll be going off to college and dorming with another girl. I'm sure that is going to end up well (said with a thick layer of sarcasm)