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SD called last night at 10PM. Guess that's better than the 1AM call a few weeks ago!

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So last night the phone rang at 10PM. Luckily I was still reading in bed and not asleep yet. Yup it was SD and once again my heart raced wondering what the drama was this time. H looks at his phone but decides not to answer it. H who is always complaining that he never got any time with SD and she doesn't know who he is, yet doesn't want to talk to her at that time! He does decide to call her back about 10 minutes later. Her first question to him is something about a computer and apparently she wants him to build her a good one or something, I never really figured out what they were talking about. Yeah thta's going to happen! Then she apparently told him that NOW she decided she wants to be an aesthetician. Riiiiiiiiight! She wanted to be a nurse, which didn't work out. Then she thought she wanted to be a pharmacy tech, which didn't happen. Now this and apparently now that H is getting a new and better job, she asked him if he'd pay for her schooling! Hah! She's working two jobs now, that sounds like she'd be able to pay for it herself seeing as how apparntly her mother is paying her rent for her!! She's a barista during the day and a cocktail waitress at a Chinese restaurant at night. However she told H that she's probably close to becoming a bartender. He told her that that didn't sound like she was getting ready to go to school if she was going to be a bartender. And then of course he says to her "Well if you want to be a bartender I could get you a job in a couple of Irish pubs up here". WHY do you KEEP insisting to find a way to get her up here when she is clearly rooted down there with her boyfriend and friends and a job??!! You don't even want to answer the phone when she calls you, but you want her to be here so you can hang out?? Of course she said no to that.

I just don't understnad why she has to call H at these odd times to ask about such random things. It's like something pops into her head at an odd hour and she just HAS to call H at that moment. Doesn't she have any sense?


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If she's working those two jobs, she's probably calling when she's free without regard to anyone else's schedules. When I worked 3 p.m. to midnight, it was hard for me to connect with people at "appropriate" times.

Good thing she has no interest in working near you! But when the BF goes away, she might take him up on it - danger! Danger!


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I can kind of understand her callign then, but she does get breaks at her job an din between jobs so why not call then?

And yes, I want her to stay with the boyfriend becasue that way there's no interest in coming up here! I really don't think she'd come up anyways, not with all her friends there.