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Screw You Saint Valentine!

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lol - just for a little comic relief in my life this week. This is what BM posted on Facebook late last night "Screw You Saint Valentine". Ha ha! Guess things with the one decent looking BF she has had isn't going well. I guess that is to be expected when he moves 2 hours away and cheats on you and then you take him back for occasional weekend nookie.

I also love that the skids, BM's boss and co-workers, and the skids friends (all of them, from age 11 on up) are friends with BM on Facebook. I love it when she posts stuff like this or about having "man in her bed", which she has done numerous times with more than one BF. lol!

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If BM is still using the family email account that she shared with DH (same account, user name and password) - is it illegal to use what is in there in court?

Not that it matters, lol, DH is out of here. But I actually dislike BM more than DH so if I can pass this info along, I will.

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Seriously! I use Facebook to stay connected to family far away and old friends. I don't use it for therapy (thats what steptalk is for, lol), to announce that I am having sex, or anything of that nature. I keep it to comments about things my daughter is doing, fun events, and photos. I seriously don't get it.

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Facebook? What's that? I tell teenagers to never post, video or otherwise record anything you'd be ashamed for your mother to see.

I'd say the same for adults and letting their kids see it but some adults are too stupid to understand. Nothing but banal chatter should appear on Facey.