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Scam or BM up to something?

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In the last month I have received phone calls from the same number asking for BM.

I get same message same number at least once a week.  I don't know how they got my number, as I had it a long time way before I met SO.  The person leaves this message:

"This message is intended for BM. The retained plaintiff has named you as a respondent.  We need employment verification in order for you to be served.  You or your legal counsel can waive voluntary restitution.   You have until (said date) to exercise your rights to mediation and ask for an injunction.  If we do not hear from you, we will go forward with our Indepth investigation."

SO thinks it's a scam, but I'm not so sure.  She's known to spend money she doesn't have and a while ago SO said he thinks she's out of money due to things SS and he talked about.  My Friend thinks I should warn her, but I want nothing to do with her and in the past she has blamed SO and I for all her problems.  Thoughts? TIA!

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Number several time's different websites nothing comes up.

BM and I have no connection together.  

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We need employment verification in order for you to be served

Sounds like a scam to me. Why would they need employment verification to serve you?  Process servers generally do not give notice you are going to be served.

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Thats just not how ppl are served - even for debt collection. This is a scam. They got your number associated with her because thats probably what comes up when they search for your number on these phone finder/usa contacts websites.

Block and mark as spam

If it does end up being real (which I highly doubt), its still none of your business and thats for her or your husband to deal with....You did your due diligence by informing your husband and he said it was a scam so the chapter is closed

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for your replies.  I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not as BM's family member died a while ago and she never took his name off of the house she is living in, she has money problems and lives beyond her means.  If you remember she wanted my financials records for CS and judge shut her down.  

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A home we bought.

Many collections callls.  We had no information on that person.  Until.... they called asking about a delivery.  They gave us their new adress.  We had the number from the call.  After that, we gave that information to the collection companies.  It took a while for the calls to stop.

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DH and I both got the exact same email when Satan ripped off Unemployment. They had a judgement against her, but couldn't serve her because she was refusing to answer her door. So they called every number associated with her.

I gave them her address and phone number and told them to stop calling me.


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BM is up to something... BM is always up to something... i don't even have to read your post... BM is just always up to something. 

Our BM could text DH happy birthday... it's because she's up to something. 

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Besides, scam or is BM up to something. What is the difference?  Or... another option, she is being legitimately investigated and sued.  Your number came up in an investigation... maybe.

Either way, she has earned the  consequences.  

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for the replies.  The only thing I know is she told BF that she hurt her shoulder at work and was out on workman's comp.  Then told SS she hurt her shoulder shoveling snow.