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Rude teenage skids

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Found this thread after doing a Google search...I cant believe the responses to the part about the 14 year olds response to the gift from SM. While I think trying to buy her kid's love was a mistake, people honestly believe that a 14 year old responding that rudely is not just okay but to be expected because she wants a gift from her real mom? The SM has been in her life since she was 16 months old and she's being told to just take that crap?!

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I didn't get very far because this SM annoyed me with forcing herself on her skids and then getting offended when they act like, well, STEPKIDS.  She texted the kid "Hi. I love you!" ? She bought her an expensive gift.  She gave her sister "motherly advice".

Back off, woman.  These aren't your kids and you aren't their mother.  That's the part I never get.  I don't care if she's been in her life since she was born, she's not her mother.

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I agree. I did think she was trying way too hard and rolled my eyes at that. But at the same time I also thought 14 was way too old to be rude in response to a gift and felt like if it was a non skid the advice would have been different and there would be more of "the child needs to be taught manners." I mean buying people Christmas gifts is normal and the expected response is a polite thank you even if you dont care for the gift or the person giving it....if it was just randomly given to suck up to the kid maybe I'd feel a little differently.

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Yeah, I didn't get that far, but of course, any kid shouldn't be allowed to be rude in response to a gift. 

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I can't believe between Friday and Monday she called 10 times! Who knows how many texts were sent. That's crazy. I feel like she's leaving a lot out and is overstepping her boundaries.

Should the kid be more respectful, absolutely, but i think there are a lot of other issues here.

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I actually think the advice she got was quite solid- there were 1-2 posts that seemed a little over the top but yes 10 calls over the weekend?  She's been a part of her life since she was a baby though-that said, it seems in the end she realized disengagement was her best option....bravo for her.  I hope she survived it all.  The other thing that got to me is if it were up to her she wouldn't have had that approach to the SD- but her dh's pressure causes her to try harder and to bond.  Most of the time it is the ahole dh's fault after all.  

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This situation is exactly why I do not give a shit about the feelings or the "why" and care only about the behavior.

There is one choice. Behave. That is it. By choosing to not behave, they are choosing to suffer. My role is to guide, mentor, advocate, reward, and deliver on the suffering if that is what they choose.

In this situation I would make sure that my SO dragged that rude POS kid kicking and screaming to every visitaiton and family trip.  I would have one very short dictate with her.  Enjoy yourself and participate... or STFU and stay the F out of the way.  You can choose to engage and enjoy, or you can choose to suffer.  If you choose suffering.... then your dad and I will deliver suffering so miserable that you will learn quickly to not make that choice ever again.

As for the commenters to the linked post. They may claim to be Christian.  But... that does not make them intelligent in the least.   One thing that far too many of any faith make the mistake of is thinking that they are intelligent because they choose a particular religion.  The idiots stand out.  The ones who actually use God's greatest gift, the gift of intellect, are easy to differentiate from the Christian moron.

I too am a Christian. However, I avoid organized religion in all forms and foster my own relationship with God.  That way... I avoid the idiots who think that they can avoid using the gift of intellect.

Hopefully this SM and her DH grabbed the Skid and BM by their scruffy necks and rubbed their noses in their stanky crap.

As for those who expressed an opinion in response to the OP....  The nugget of wisdom regarding opinions is well known. Everyone has one.  Those who have opinions driven by intellect.... stand out from the morons.