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Really the Christmas drama starting already

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MIL (aka the anti christ) called for no other reason than to piss me off as usual. Today she was yapping about Christmas (am I the only one who realizes it's September!??). DH's family normally does Polly Anna's, but all the individual families buy one present for each child, and it's nothing huge, under $20. Last yr along SD got enough presents from MIL and FIL alone to completely cover the top of a queen sized bed, I'm not exaggerating. Well this yr, DH's aunt and uncle are having the festivities, and MIL whined and bitched now that they can't afford to buy for all the kids this yr, bc there are 2 more babies, my son, and his little cousin, not any huge addition. So bc of this my baby is getting 1 present from that entire family. I would love to know how in the hell, MIL can afford to drop $300 on SD alone last yr for Christmas and now can't afford to buy my son more than 1 lousy gift. It is just principle, they never do anything for my son, and when FIL even came over the other day to pick up DH, he didn't even bother to come inside to say hi to my baby. I f***ing hate those ppl. I already told her not to worry that MY parents (who they are irrationally jealous of) will make up their difference, that seemed to piss her off Wink

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I hate the way the skids get asked to put a xmas list together and they request laptops, ipads, football game tickets, designer clothes for the fat lumpy bodies, basically they are not interested in the gift of giving...just the gift of getting...

NOW..HERE IS MY QUESTION...DONT YOU THINK ITS A STEP PARENTS JOB TO INTERVENE HERE AND BRING XMAS BACK TO WOT IT SHOULD BE....time to get the kids to remember giving is much better than getting....for crying out loud if we one else will because, most divorced kids are tied into the 'hmmm who is going to give me the most'?