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Ready to give up

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I've been in the picture for over 6 years. Married almost 4. I keep trying with the kids, one of which is with us regularly and is 15. I don't have any of my own kids so I was excited for this role. Well I get the work and get to spend my money on kids yet get no recognition or validation of being a step mom. I hate it. I love my husband but I want to tell him that I don't want anything to do with the kids. 

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Hi there!

Can you be a wee bit more specific as to what in particular is bothering you?

Step life is tough! We understand. Tell us your story..

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Among the many many things you do with no recognition, come Mothers Day and it was just a regular day.

Hun steplife can be so damaging. It usually comes down to how DH addresses this with the skids.

What is your situation more specifically?


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This is a DH problem. It's his job to teach his kids to be appreciative of your efforts AND show appreciation for those efforts. If they won't do it, he should. If none of them will, then it's perfectly reasonable to disengage and let them figure out how to do all the things you do for them.

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That about sums up Step-lfe in a nutshell. I came in with rose-colored glasses and there are many weeks where I just think WHY....