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Question for teacher’s or Anyone with knowledge of the school systems

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We live in New York and due to the virus school has been closed for two weeks. Our school district has started online learning for the kids. Here are my questions for anyone who maybe on the inside and know more. Anyone who works for any school district have they given you ANY clue when school may reopen? I hear anywhere from mid April till the kids WIlL NOT be going back till next September. Is there talk of kids going to school through the summer? 

SS is in middle school and is the biggest spoiled brat. Since he’s home from school DH has him ALOT more. I’m hoping if this continues for a couple more months SS WILL be in school for the summer. If not I need to make a HUGE run to the local Liquor store to get me through this!

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All school events have been cancelled here in FL. It's remote learning until the end of this school year.

I imagine because NY is a hot spot, it will be the same.

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I'm in NY and I haven't heard anything.  My guess is that it will be closed for the rest of the school year, though that might depend where you are in the state.

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I am a high school teacher. It's all up in the air for now. We know for sure we won't go back till at least April 14th. Our state is on "shelter in place" until at least April 13th. It might be extended. 

Nothing else. Hang in there, we are just as lost as parents. Our superintendent updates us when she hears anything. Our department of education said that online learning doesn't count for instructional hours so we are now waiting for some type of clarity 

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In California schools are not expected to open again until the fall so I am homeschooing sd9. Other than it takes up my entire day to help her with the online courses it's fine. Dh had to finally give me full control over sd9 so I can be in charge of her sun-Friday. It's actually worked out well as we have set times for screen time and a basic schedule throughout the day. Sd9 is even helping me in the kitchen which is not something she would do before since she was glued to her phone! Her bm is a drug addict/alcoholic so I have to do the schooling. My only issue with the online classes is that I don't think she's learning enough but with my private instructions I start seeing an improvement in her abilities. We even have reading time in the afternoon and I bought her a kindle reader. Dh works all the time to provide for us so I'm glad I am able to do this for him in the crisis. Good luck to you! 

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I'm in the Florida panhandle. We transition to online school next Monday. I do not forsee us going back to normal school this year. Our district has already waived testing except for AP tests.

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Ok say schools do “online” learning for the next couple of months will that count as real school time? What I mean is will any of this have to be made up with Physical school time or does online learning count as Physical school time and will not need to made up? I’m looking for SS to be in a Real classroom in school for the summer at least part of it. Could this happen?

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I believe in NY, it will count.  The teacher's union will never agree to teach over the summer to make up the time.

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So far our Department of Ed says it doesn't count. But we were still told to post online stuff. Some of our students do the work and some don't. I still spend ton of time creating and posting and monitoring online so I don't sit on my butt all day. We have no clarity on if it counts or not 

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Our building doesn't have air conditioner. If they want kids to be in school all summer, they better install air conditioner. It's tough as it is in May and September. No way kids could go through this in July without air 

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I teach in the San Joaquin County, CA. My district is   
out until April 6 at the earliest. We are currently preparing our online learning system. However, we have also been told that we may not be back in classroom until the fall.

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I'm on long island. I'm fairly certain school is out for the rest of the year here.