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Question for SM's with biokids from DH

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I'm a horrible person but I'm 17 weeks pregnant and emotional. For all you stepmoms! When you had kids with your DH did your kids look like your stepkids at all??? My FDH has some UGLY looking children and I'm so afraid my baby will resemble them!!!!

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Lol! I don't have any kids with my DH yet but I think the same thing. I always hope SD got her fugly looks from her mother!

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LOLOLOL, this is so freaking FUNNY! Well, is your DH ugly? I have no kids with DH, and thankfully, I closed the shop down after my last divorce so it will never happen, but I've heard that the more you think about someone or something, it manifests in your fetus, so stop looking the ugly skids!!!

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My kiddo looks a little bit like his 1/2 sister, but not much. I was worried about that too...but that was ONLY because my SIL, BIL and MIL decided to tell ALL of DH's friends while I was pregnant that they "hoped my child would look like his 1/2 sister"...ARGH! Needless to say, I heard that crap ALL the time while I was pregnant.

It really doesn't matter to me, as my son is so very different from my DHs kid anyway...My ILs claim he's "too white" and don't much care for him, I think because he looks too much like me...hehe...and of course, they are all just freaking jealous and racist (yes, that reverse racism nobody likes to talk about)

PS - some people claim that your kids will look like the person you hate the most while pregnant lol

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My DD4 looks nothing like her Dad! She is a mini me from looks to attitude. Good Luck to you.

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OMG!! You guys scare the hell out of me!! I never thought of this, and now I'm worried....SD is the child that the Dr said had "pretty eyes". That was the best he could do! She does indeed have pretty eyes, and that's about it! If our future children look like her, oh man. What a scary thought! Have you ever seen a pic of a naked mole rat? Look it up if you haven't, cause that's SD!

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We adopted and my DS is gorgeous! LOL, I didn't have to worry about the ugly genes!

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No, my kids don't look like the skids. There might be a feature here or there, but any stranger could tell that my two are full blooded siblings and that the skids aren't.

Dh has tried to claim that BS looks like SS did at that age, but I've seen pictures and no they don't at all.

If you lined a bunch of kids up and asked someone to guess which boys were brothers NOONE would ever pick the skids as being related to my kids.

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Those "ugly kids" are half of your husband's DNA's possible. My second SS and my son look alike and they are both super handsome. Like model gorgeous.

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Sorry but I think this is just who cares? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyways.

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Skids look exactly like BM. They have extremely Korean features, which are not exactly desireable (the reason Koreans get so much plastic surgery). I don’t usually judge kids looks, my friends have pointed out that skids are not cute kids. When it was pointed out, I could see extremely undesirable features that they inherited from bm. BM is hideous. DH got her pregnant when he was a full blown alcoholic and she bought him drinks (and she later confessed about lying about bc). Skids don’t even look like they are related to DH. DH is not Asian at all. Skids have all the undesirable features of their mom (giant forehead, surprised, bushy eyebrows, snaggle tooth, no jaw line, squinty eyes, one is built like a line backer like BM and the other one is very boyish- BM is very man-ish). What I can say  BM has going for her? Ummm....she is fat and all the extra weight goes to her boobs? So when she marches around like a man, at least she has boobs so people can tell it is a woman. 

    DH and my children don’t look even remotely related to skids. No one has commented at all about any sort of resemblance between our mutual kids and skids. They simply look nothing alike. My daughter (not DHs) gets told all the time that she looks a lot like DH. DH has never been told that skids look like him. Most people ask if he is related to skids, they never assume he is the dad. So nope,  my children are not related to butt ugly BM so they will never look like BM’s clones/skids. 

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I dont' think my son looks at all like the SS however I have a friend who constantly says how much they look alike and I swear she does it does to piss me off. 

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Lol.  My SS looks just like the SpermIdiot.  Thankfully the SpermIdiot is a decent looking guy.  My SS is a definate aesthetic upgrade because he did get some great stuff from his beautiful sexy mother.

The funny thing is that SS and I get told all the time that he looks like me.  We just smile, say thank you and laugh our asses off as we walk on when that happens.  He definately is just likek me even if he really doesn't look much like me at all.  We are a testament to the pre-eminance of nurture over nature.  At least in our case that is the case.

Don't sweat it.  Your kids will probably look fine. If not... there are always a personal trainer, braces, nose jobs, and colored contact lenses for them to fall back on.   Wink Wink

My DW is a stunning beauty.  Her three younger half sibs... are not so fortunate.