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Pretty much over it

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So in a nutshell I am stepmom to three SKs.. SD10, SD8 and SS5. I have one DS 7months. DH and I got married in Jan of 2011, DS came in May. SD10 has been a royal pain in the ass since the day she eavesdropped and found out i was pregnant. BM was in the pic, EOWE, but due to her husband being abusive to her and the kids, we had court order that the husband not be present during her visits. She decided to surrender all visitation rights rather than make her husband leave. When SD10 was told, she went off the deep end.. breaking things from time to time, screaming, yelling, hitting younger siblings. DH kinda just stood back and did nothing. Fast forward to recent. DS came and things got a little better. SD8 and SS5 are fine, I dont usually have a problem with either of them. SD10 however, thinks shes grown. A few times she gone into one of her tantrums and started throwing her personal things away. I just let her, I didnt buy it. But she likes to show her ass if I have a friend over.. which is what she did tonight. I was showing my friend what I want to do when we remodel our kitchen. SD goes stomping thru the house, waking up friends baby doing this, and gets her camera. I say WTH are you doing? She says, in that teary, whiny voice," Im taking pictures of the kitchen before you ruin our house!!" Ummm.. yea. so she sneaks off and calls her grandparaents, who live right behind us, and they come pick her up. I told DH what happened, hes at work, which is the only time it ever happens, and he says he is so tired of it, and I dont do anything to her to fix it. WTF?????

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Mmmmmm! Grandparents are crossing boundaries here. They have no right to come around and pick up this child without your husband's consent or in the case of his absence you as her guardian's consent. This little one is more than likely hurting like hell because of what her mother did to her, and I am sorry for her, that was a lousy thing for her mother to do. So I get why she is mad, and that of course will take time for her to come to some sort of grips with. In the meantime she seems to be manipulating the grandparents and taking advantage of what I am sure is their sympathy for her. However, assuming your husband is a saint, has been the perfect parent, and has done nothing to her to fix as he says Smile Fine. You are having problems with HIS child, HIS parents are stepping in and undermining you, and it is Mr Perfect's job to support you and FIX it, because you are HIS wife, you are also the mother of HIS child, and it is HIS job to support you and to make sure HIS children and HIS parents respect his WIFE. So whether he's sick of it or not he has a responsibility in this situation to support you, and a role to play here.

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