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Pizza - Completely Petty Topic

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DH ordered a single (big) pizza tonight for two adults (us), a 16 year old, and an 11 year old. Only one person was home when it was delivered and that person at HALF of the pizza that was ordered for four people.

Shitty? No?

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Yes, the 11 year old. Normally, DH orders two mediums (one for us, one for them), but this was a giant pizza.

I just can't imagine eating half of something I know is for four people.

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I've had 'accountability' on my mind lately. These boys aren't accountable for shit.

So, I did tell him - that wasn't nice to eat half of the pizza that was for all of us. You should apologize.


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...and my husband doesn't agree, which is odd, bc his lunch is always dinner leftovers.

Granted, it's his baaabbbyyy...

So, I'm venting.

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I'm glad they're gone to their moms' tomorrow for several days. Hopefully we can repair this stupid situation and enjoy the time alone.

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The next time pizza is ordered for the family I'm sure it will be delivered when someone else is at home and the kids dinner will consist of whatever his minimally accepted food is. Boiled chicken and peas for instance. If he goes hungry then good.

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Yup. The kid should've had to use his own money to buy more pizza for the rest of the family.

Why the hell was he eating before everyone else even got home?

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i had the joy (not) of watching my SD eat pizza on Sunday. she had sauce ALL OVER HER FACE. I mean, all over - cheeks, around her mouth. maybe its cute if she were 2 or 3. she's nearly 14.....

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Mine could easily do that, and she's far from fat. But she runs daily, lifts several times a week, plays on two FH teams (games at least twice a week atm), works on a farm 5 days/week, etc. 5'6', 130 lbs, muscular. There is a reason we don't go out to eat.

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Yep - I used to let her order two full meals 'cause she would eat them. I have seen her eat two 16oz steaks, plus salad, two apps, veggies, baked potatoes, and still have room for dessert. And raid the fridge when we got home.

When she'd go for a sleepover, I would make sure she had cash so they could order a pie just for her.

BUT... She would know better than to finish food meant for dinner.

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damn! my SD13 eats like a bird unless its cookies or junk. she is not fat but is not in shape at all (soft all over, never does cardio of any kind).

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My DD20 baked a pan of brownies and my SD12 ate the whole pan. DD was NOT happy and told her so. That was back In January (2014)when SD first moved in with us. She's improved since then. Apparently she'd never been taught in her whole life how rude it is to scarf down a pan of brownies made for the whole family. She also used to eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting, several ice cream bars in a row, etc. Like I said, she's doing better now (though she did eat almost all the banana bread a couple nights ago). Small steps... little victories.

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My DH only lets me make banana bread when the skids are at BM's because he doesn't want to share. LOL

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As the bio of a DS13, I can tell you that kids at that age are selfish, self-absorbed and clueless about everything that has to do with anything but themselves. THAT is why they need a parent to TEACH them these things, or at least TELL them to be considerate of others. For example, my DS13 LOVES my spaghetti. We're reached a point where I make a WHOLE BOX of pasta. Still, if we don't watch, he will scoop at least HALF of it onto his plate and leave the other half for DH, DS6 and me. Now, I will also say that kids at that age, especially boys, usually go through a growth spurt and start to eat A LOT, so that has to be taken into account (unless they're overweight, and then of course, the amount and type of food has to be closely monitored.) My DS13 is extremely skinny & UNDERweight, so I almost NEVER stop him from eating as much as he wants for dinner. With the spaghetti, however, I make sure he leaves enough for the rest of us and fills the rest of his plate with the side veggie, salad & bread I usually make with it. Unless your SK11 is overweight, it sounds like you either need to order more pizza or, better yet, order salad with it.

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Either pick the pizza up or have it delivered when you know you will be there.

That was PIGGY!! That is what I would tell that teen. It does happen with teen boys - but DH should tell him it sucked.

Good luck

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I've dealt with selfish skids that will eat all the food KNOWING that the meal is for everyone. Man I have stories upon stories of the skids screwing me out of a meal because they were too selfish to share or consider others.

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On a somewhat related note, the other thing I used to hate was when my SKs only liked ONE THING I made, say Mac N cheese, and they proceeded to eat ALL of that, leaving NONE for anyone else. My DH usually would NOT call them on this because he almost never said anything remotely negative to the SSs during visits for fear they would not want to visit, which they ultimately did anyway. Now, with my and DH's bios, DH has no problem calling them out (mostly DS13) on eating too much of anything. Of course, I agree that he should be called out, but I disagree with the double standard.

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The other week, I brought home a dozen donuts for me, DH, and SS15. When DH got up, he called me into the kitchen and asked me how many donuts I'd eaten. I'd had one. There was ONLY ONE LEFT in the box. SS15 had eaten TEN donuts. DH was NOT happy! He called SS15 into the kitchen and asked him how many donuts he ate. "Uh...I dunno." "HOW MANY?!" "Uh...a lot." DH told him that we were supposed to SHARE the donuts (wow, what a concept), meaning each of us got three and that SS15 owed me $6. I love that man!