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People act like ss is something special.

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Big whoop he's in a phd program about biophysics.  He flunked out of his first college. Had to go to community college and then transfer. It not like he goes into mit or the ivies for gradschool. 

He is such a douchebag. Just because my wife didn't have enough "alone time with him", he goes running to daddy. I hate people ASKING about him.

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what schools anyone has gone to or how long it takes.

Though if he is an unadulterated asshole, even a PhD won't salvage the product of a shit failed family coupling.

Worse is when the spe-cial lable is liberally applied to a truly zero performing crap spawn.  Regardless of anything else.

Though I did get into a couple of top tier schools, including an Ivy, I went a less stressful route in my first university choice.  11 years (I was in class every semeser of that), 7 institutions of higher learning, 6 majors, and 260+ semester hours later I finished my BS in Engineering.  From a non competitive entry for profit university.  I also did my MBA from a private for profit.

Education is indicative of a commitment and demonstrating completion of that commitment.

It is not a be and end all. Regardless of what one studies or where one goes to school.

I have had employees from Ivy league schools why are not capable of doing the job, I have had employees who have no college background at all and  are top performers. And vise versa.

I get that the Skid worship is an infuriating thing. Regardless of all else in play.

I am sorry your are faced with this.


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It's annoying when someone you hate has something good about them. It goes against the negative opinion you have of them and creates cognitive dissonance. 

It's ok to just hate your SS and not want to hear people ask about him, you don't have to discredit higher education. My SD does well in school which is fine, I'd rather she do well than drop out, but the hard part is acting proud when people ask, when in reality I really don't care and I really don't want to have to pretend like I do.

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At least it's not Astrophysics! Seriously you have my complete sympathy. I loathe SS3x?? and it would grind me to a powder if I had to listen to hosannas about him.

Unlike my 3 bios who TBH are all fuckups, SS is well trained (NOT educated) and has a decent career and work history. However he is socially hopeless and always will be an ass-wipe. On the bright side, he does not cause me grief by pestering DH for money, and I'm unlikely ever to have to deal with the annoyance of step GKs. DH has the good sense not  to sing SS's praises to me, and I have no contact with anyone else who would be tempted to do so.

I recommend you update and expand your repertoire of stock Southern Belle brush-offs. For example, when anyone mentions your SS you might say, "Bless your heart! Say, have you seen the latest Marvel movie?"