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passive aggressive gift giving

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This was expected since SS is the KING of passive aggressive and learned from the best. SS who moved out a month ago comes over x-mas morning. He gives everyone else a gift except me; my two kids and his sibling. I witnessed him going up to DH and handing him $25 gift card and saying it was for him. I gave him a gift.

Clearly this is saying "I am not going to change".

I Hope he enjoys mom's house and switching schools cause he is not welcome back. He chose to leave and now he can enjoy his choice. He is old enough and asked for this for over 3 years and "bye bye". Once he realizes that he has nothing to ramble on about regarding me and his misdirected anger at me then maybe his REAL ISSUES will come to the forefront.

Honeymoon ticking by. Almost over. Reality sets in. And the manic young man may actually get the help he really needs. Sorry - but I hope mom's life is f$n miserable now with him full time cause she PAS'd him and she made him unbearable in our home by supporting his screwed up thoughts and hatred towards me to satisfy her own insecurities. Payback is a bitch.

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As soon as he handed DH that card and had nothing for you, your DH should've ripped him a new one. If your SS is allowed to do it, he'll continue. I hope this didn't sound harsh; that wasn't my intention at all.

That said, I sympathize. Your SS sounds like a complete a- hole. The BM sounds exactly like ours with the PAS. I hope she reaps what she sows.

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I have to admit, that's pretty ridiculous. My SO would have called out his son if that was the case. Well, it sounds like you're okay though. I agree, too, that hey, he's Mommy's boy and she can now deal with him.

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That was so rude of your SS and your DH should have said something even if it was in private to his son. I went through similar with my SS19 who lives with us. He gave me a $10 Mcd gift card and the boy lives with us rent free and makes $30k a year and I spent $200 on the entitled brat. My fiancé didn't say anything, I know he knows, if he said something in private to his son he hasn't mentioned it. I know if my son did that to my fiancé I would say something to him and rip him a new one.
As it stands SS19 will get that same gift card back for his 20th b-day, obviously he thought it was an acceptable gift so he should have no problem having it back.

You DH husband should give him back his gift card for his b-day and you should not buy him anymore gifts.