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The parasite attached to hubbys ass

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So the parasiste (SS11) attached to my husbands ass appears to be staying the whole weekend. hooray for me! NOT!

1. Drives me nuts that I am never privvy to information such as when he is coming, how long he will be here etc.

2. Drives me nuts that while he is here he is shoved so far up my husbands ass that the jaws of life can't get him out.

3. Drives me nuts that he takes over the living room as his personal bedroom, sleeps on the couch, watches his stupid ass shit on TV and gives the rest of us (me) nowhere to go but my bedroom.. oo fun!

4. Drives me nuts that he is old enough to make eggs for breakfast every morning but can't wash a freeking dish... I REFUSE to do them, the sink is full right now and not one dish is mine. Guess when he wants to make his eggs in the morning he'll have to wash something or go with out.

Maybe I'm just a selfish stepwitch.. but I really don't care.. just needed to vent... Love it when my Whole freeking weekend is RUINED!

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Nomi, she's bored or using it for attention. No kid is hungry every 8 minutes (or realistically every 30, since i know you were using it as a figure of speech). I'v seen that with FSS8. "I'm hungry." "You just ate ___." 'yeah, but I'm hungry again." *gets junk food snack* *eats half of junk food snack* "I thought you were hungry?" "I was, I just didn't finish it because I wasn't hungry anymore." F&#ck me flying sideways with a fencepost!! Imagine that!

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Yep - I'm listening to my ss who is 9 running around outside playing star wars while my partner is in bed... why the f*#k am I the one up looking after his ridiculous baby-child brat all morning? I ask myself the same question. I hate it!!
Oh, and he is literally yelling and reciting lines from the movies and running around like an idiot - I almost feel embarrassed for him - but I would probably be more supportive if it was my own son acting that way, so I won't be too mean. I hope my son never behaves that way though lol!!
Maybe I'm being harsh - is 9 too old to play those kinds of games alone? I can't remember.
Anyway - I get it, my weekend is crap too lol!

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Lol - In the end I figure he at least has an active imagination! And he doesn't mind playing by himself. I just thought it looked really funny through the window hehehe!
And you're right - he could be playing with things a lot worse than light-sabers lol!

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"I don't think childhood should be this magical place without responsibilities, consequences or frustrations. I think it should be a mini-version of the real world."

I absolutely love that statement. Thank you.

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The only person who can correct this is DH. Not you and not SS. DH needs to step up and start being a parent and encourage the kid to find some independence.

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I haven't had a chance to post/read often lately but your post got me thinking.... Why are you letting an 11 year old child dictate to you in your own home? Step or not, it's your home.
It doesn't have to be an argument, just a simple, not more sh*t kinda moment. Quietly, firmly and no discussion.
Take back your home. And you won't be stepping on his father's toes either - your just treating the kid like you would anyone who was a guest in your home. Your going to help him understand the house rules. And reclaim your space.
Personally, when I've gotten attitude in the past, I just stare
at them like their a very interesting bug. I don't argue or discuss.

Try it, couldn't hurt.... Smile

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you need to wake dh's ass up!

i don't understand, can't you tell skids to watch tv in their bedroom or whatever room they sleep in, b/c the ADULT(S) want to watch something else?? thank god i don't have this issue.

the kitchen, skids stay out of my kitchen... yeah, so when they're hungry/thirsty, they have to ask.. and i would rather get the shit for them, instead of them putting all their nasty ass germy hands on my clean stuff and i would go ape shit on their ass if they left a mess...

there needs to be some serious repercussions to dh/bf if he can't get his ass gnats in line.....

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The kid sleeps in the living room so he's already watching TV in "his room". No luck there.

From where I see it you're only option is to get out of the house as often as possible. Even if its to the bookstore where I assume they have a few chairs you can loungs around in until you regain some sanity.

This kid has high anxiety levels when he's away from home and who can blame him? His Dad is already missing from most of his life who is to say he won't disappear altogether. And maybe Mom's next. Its can be scary and keeping Dad in sight helps aleviate his worries.

Have a talk with Dad about your pressures and make sure he understands that the kid has to be taken out so you can have some free time. I would take my kids camping once a month (we can do that in Southern California) reducing the time spent with my new wife to once a month. He needs to do something similar and he needs to know how much you need it.

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that's the problem, he doesn't have his own room so I feel like I can't say anything. On that note, he COULD have had his own room, but he's always been "too scared" to sleep in that room (swear to God, and it's about 3 feet away from the living room that he sleeps in now..go figure!) So we made that bedroom into the baby's room.

This kid talks all the time about how he sees ghosts and stupid shit.. of course his whack job mother believes in out of body experiences and "metaphysical" crap so hmmm... wonder where he gets it from??

I actually took my 9 month old yesterday and we went to toys r us, got groceries, had lunch, got flowers and pumpkins and then stopped to visit my mom so we were able to kill about 5 hours out of the dang house. I am just dreading winter and being "trapped"!

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