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OT - where do you hide your Christmas cookies?

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Do you have to hide them? If so, where do you hide them?

I had to kick DH out of the house on Sunday because he seriously inhibits my cookie production by eating tons of raw dough and then sampling cookies fresh out of the oven. It's maddening.

I spent ALL of Sunday working hard making 4 types of dough and baking 2 of those types: peanut butter blossoms (Hershey kiss in the middle) and thumbprints with jam in the center. I cannot leave them sitting around or skids and DH will tear into them relentlessly and no one else, not company, not my kids, will get a crumb.

Soooooo, I hid them in my car. It worked out well because last night I was at a traffic light and some guy was peddling with a sign that said "Food." I gave him 4 of the Hershey kiss cookies. He didn't look impressed - I'm sure he wanted money. LOLOLOLOL!!

So where is your foolproof place to hide them and why do you have to hide them? Who is the man culprit?

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^^^^THIS^^^^^^I love it. The Christmas cookies didn't make it this year in my house. I ate them ALL.

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I have a large pot I cook crab legs in. I hide all kinds of things in there and just put the lid on it under the cabinet. No one looks there.

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In plain sight }:)

I love to make the cookies but do not like eating them. I make batch after batch. I give 1/2 to my sister 1/2 to my mom and keep on HUGE tin of choco chips for SS15 and SO and one little bag of Mexican wedding cookies for SS19.

If they eat them all the first week - oh well - you wait till next year.

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No issues in my house. I don't have to hide cookies.
No one eats my cookies. The SDs won't eat any cookie unless it's #1 chocolate chip (SD11 has added in cinnamon cookies recently though) or #2 they've made it.
DH just the other day tried my holiday Spritz cookies for the first time. "These are good!"

BUT more for me and my co-workers!

I have to hide chocolate and cheesy popcorn.

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Either in a box of feminine pads or in the huge stock pot out in the locked shed. I have the only key. Dirol

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For the very few items of food that I want for myself, and this is rare, I put my name on it and tell SS not to bleeding touch it. It works because the wrath of SM finding all of her little treats eaten isn't worth the headache and loss of electronics.

For anything else that I don't want to eat myself, just want to make it last longer than 24 hours? I hide in the fruit and veggie drawer in the refrigerator. Lawd knows SS15 wouldn't touch any of THAT stuff!

Anything else that doesn't need to be cold simply goes into a cupboard that isn't normally used to store food. SS loves to gorge on stuff but won't spend the precious time and energy searching for it. It has to be within easy reach of his little greasy fingers.

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I plan accordingly. Fresh baking cookies bring out the whole household into the kitchen. So there is always the 'sample' batch that wont be missed.

After that the main batches go into my grandmother's old homemade donut tins I snagged years ago when grandma passed. The tins go into the pantry in a cabinet that locks.

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LOL I don't have to hide them.

Though DH will inevitably sneak a few, he's not a total oinker about it... and my kids ask.

I do hide other stuff, though, in my bedside table. DH treats it like my purse, won't go near it. }:)