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O/T: Sort of. Fabric Napkins.

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I am done using my fabric napkins.  Sure it's more enviornmentally firendly.  I get it.  BUT if I'M THE ONLY ONE that cleans up and washes/puts them away, NOPE.

YSD likes using them because "environment" but we all know that the WORK involved in more earth friendly things can be more - and darned if she's going to put the work in or if DH will follow up. 

So I put away the napkins recently and YSD has been getting them out to use again. And they get left on the table after dinner clean up. EVERY TIME - I don't mind cleaning them up if DH cooks and stuff but if I'M doing to bulk of the dinner work (only because he's reallly not able to) I expect the same treatment. RIGHT? - LOL funny me.

So the napkins were out for a WEEK on the table, moved to the breakfast bar, on the floor, on the chairs and NO ONE touched them. I asked DH nicely yesterday to put them in the laundry please - NOPE. I put them on the floor hoping he'd see them.  Well, that was "passive aggressive" of me and how dare I.  OK then, buh-bye cloth napkins from now on.  I'm going to wash them and put them away so NO ONE gets to use them.

Problem solved.

Eff them right now.

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Ummm he sounds like the king of passive aggresive, after a week of them being out and you asking he has the nerve to say what you did was passive aggressive?  I know your DH has ADHD, but at what point does he grow the f@ck up and realize he lives in the house as well and chores around the house relate to him, not just you?  And if he needs a chore chart and reminders all the time he can call his mommy for that sh@t.

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EXACTLY what our argument was about this morning.

He wants me to remind him to do things - I tell him fine, but I don't give more than a couple reminders. He's like, oh, I'll listen to you.


Oh, I'm mad now because apprently HE has ISSUES and I don't know WHAT HE'S going through and leave him alone. OK, then man baby. And I'm apparently not to have any of my own needs/wants and defer to him (essential part of the argument). You got it. No more asks from me. Shit will just get thrown away or put away for good.

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His phone will do that. He hould put the request in alarms if he can't/won't do it immediately. 

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YSD should clean them up since she has the preference for re-useable napkins.  I agree with you - just get the throwaway ones and if YSD or DH say anything just mention you don't have time to clean them and when they were used in the past no one else helped.  That should shut them up.

Its just SO and I for dinner most of the time and we use the disposable ones - the cloth ones are just too much to keep up with day-to-day.  We do use the cloth ones for guests and dinner parties.

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My DH occasionally forgets that we don't have a kitchen fairy or maid service that comes in overnight. It drives me insane.

I'm with you on the cloth napkins. I prefer them too, but I know who would do the washing and the folding and the storing

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I'd hide them, too. My DH also needs reminding and then if he does something he wants, no, you are a fellow adult in the house, no recognition for maintaining our joint home. 

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SD want to control the kitchen.  DH doesn't want to parent. So making you to feel like sh*t is there answer.   Put the cloth napkins in a safe place and locked them up.  Now it's paper towels two sheets on good days one on bad days 

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I have a strong dislike of paper napkins. Hate the way they feel. Touching them gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, I really don't mind washing them.

BUT I have no problem with a roll of paper towels to replace fabric.. Smile

I agree with Harry's idea. 


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Gotta love the environmentally righteous who expect others to do all of the related work.


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When I went through a stretch where I was just fed up with constantly picking up after everyone else I made a new rule: if you left it out and I had to pick it up you did not get it back. No exceptions. You abandoned it so it's your loss and not my problem. I threw out a lot of socks and stuff. Eventually people got the message.

(only catch was I had to make sure nothing of mine was ever left out)

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Explain to the skid that the energy and water waste just washing them causes is also bad for the planet... at least paper break down and dissolves... plastic on the other hand is what is REALLY killing the ozone. introduce her to grove collaborative "tree free" paper towels