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OT - rant and rave

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I am so exhausted today. My 2 nephews (4 and 6) spent the weekend at my house this past weekend while my sister was out of town. Coupled with skids, also 4 and 6; it was an extremely hectic (but fun) weekend. Nonstop, to say the least.

On top of it, we have a new puppy (just 12 weeks old) who is still house & crate training. Very little sleeping occurring.

My house is a wreck, laundry is piling up, skids are here all summer so no break from them, and I'm normally the only one who cooks.

The good part? DH is off work today .. he did all the yard work, started the laundry, and just texted to tell me he did the grocery shopping (something I was dreading to have to do later today). Sometimes I just really LOVE that man Smile

Some days, no matter how crazy and out of control it might seem, I am reminded of how truly lucky and happy I am to have found this man.