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OT- Prayers Needed... My friend is missing

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As some of you may have heard on the news, 2 Americans have been declared dead and 1 is still missing at Mt Edgar in China. The third being a high school friend of mine, Micah Dash. What an incredible young man.

The family is holding on to the hope that he is alive, as they have not found a 3rd body in the Avalanche where the other 2 were found. Please keep Micah and his family in your prayers. They are also accepting donations for the search and rescue effort. Please visit for more information if you are so inclined to give.

Thank you,

DISbelief (so true lately, I just can't belief this is happening)

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Consider another prayer added to the many...

I'm thinking of you too, honey. ((((((HUGS))))))

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For all of your prayers! Still holding on to the hope that he is huddeled in a cave somewhere waiting for some one to find him.


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I pray he will pull through!!

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