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O/T please don't stand so close to me

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In the grand scheme of things I know this is a minor irritant. But WTF is up with people crowding you at the cash register? Ran into the grocery store yesterday to pick up my traditional pork roast and kraut. In the check out line, I unloaded my husband bagged. The store was packed and we were trying to be as efficient as possible. The man behind me kept edging his cart up. To the point I could not access the credit/debit swipe unit. I very politely asked the gentleman to pull his cart back. His response? "You've got plenty of room". Umm no, I didn't so I hipped checked the cart to gain a few inches and swiped and typed. Death Stare from cart man the whole time. What is up with this behavior? I have experienced it more frequently in the past year. If I can't finish my transaction the cashier can't start yours! Are we all really so rushed we can't respect others? Rant over.

New year's to all my fellow ST'rs. I hope you all have a happy and joy filled year.

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I have noticed this same thing too. I just don't get it. I have asked people to back up, and they have apologized and done so. I think a lot of times people just space and don't realize what they are doing. But, I have said something I have gotten the "sorry" and they backed up. This guy you are talking about sounds like a dick.

And, people are just crazy too. I remember years and years ago (because my son is 21 now) that my son was sitting in the child seat at the front of the cart. He was about 18 months at the time. He was sitting there happily while I was at the front of the cart putting our groceries on the checkout belt. There was a woman that had pushed her cart up so close to him that he could push it with his foot. I guess he pushed her cart a few times and she flew off the handle. (I would have stopped him if I had seen it). But, who in the hell need to have her cart so close that a baby could push it with his little foot. She was screaming and yelling at me in the store at the top of her lungs. She was obviously off her rocker (had the crazy eyes LOL). I just got my son and groceries and left. While I was loading my car, she came through the parking lot still screaming. I was genuinely scared of this crazy bitch. She looked like she was on a hair trigger and could have killed me or my son.

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I made the same comment to someone a few weeks ago. I HATE it when it's time to swipe my card and I can feel the breath of the next person in line on my neck because they're practically on top of me. UGH!!!!!

I give the people in front of me room, and won't even move my cart up until they're almost done. I've actually had people behind me telling me to "move up" or "scoot up". Not sure why, there wasn't room on the conveyor belt for their stuff yet.

I guess my old adage is correct.... "Nature abhors a void"

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My husband was so worried I'd blow. I really really hate people in my bubble. I so wanted to tell him to back that stuff up but didn't for my husbands sake.

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As a teacher I deliberately stop all proceedings and will calmly wait until the offending child either stops talking, or doing what ever the hell they are doing....sometimes in front of 100 students stops the behaviour.

I hate the "power" these people think they have to make you move on quicker and as a result, I will deliberately go slower. Maybe Im just being anti social?

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I am going to try this next time I am in this situation. I love the idea of waiting the edger out.

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Omg you Are my twin! I was I in self-check last week and ad a huffer behind me. I am so sorry I got here first and so sorry I am not ringing up fas enough. Pardon me for breathing..

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"I cannot complete my transaction until you move back. Are you trying to get my pin number?" In a very loud clear voice.

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A woman after my own heart! I have exactly ZERO problems with calling attention to myself in public if someone is bothering me. They are the ones who will be embarrassed - not me. A loud "Why are you standing so close to me?" or "Get away from me NOW!" is quite effective.

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I have the opposite problem. People give SOOOOOO much space in front of them you can't even tell if they're in line or not. Or they stand off to one side, instead of directly behind the person they're behind.

I'm always having to ask someone, "Are you in line?" because they're either so far back, or standing off to the side you can't tell if they're in line or not.

I don't know why that annoys me. Geesh people, single file line and don't leave a gap big enough for someone to park a car. We all learned this in kindergarten.

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i hate it when in the middle of your transaction some jerk just walks up and asks the cashier a question over you.

\i say "excuse me but the cashier is helping me." in other words wait your turn. then i get the stare. in my experience its mostly men.

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Years ago when I worked in retail jobs, if someone would interrupt me while I was helping someone else, I would always call them out. "Excuse me! I am trying to help this person, pleas do not interrupt, and wait your turn!'. Usually pissed everyone off, but I didn't care. I was so not cut out for customer service... Blum 3

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The only time I think it's acceptable is when you REALLY need to know where the restroom is! I've politely interrupted to simply ask that. While the clerk may tell me to "wait my turn" for an answer to that question, my response would be "Well, OK but I hope you don't mind cleaning up a puddle." :0(