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OT- Pet Peeves (no pun intended)Craigs List Fur Baby listing and GRAMMER

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Our sweet old, BEST humungous dog ever in the entire world, had to be put to sleep this past spring. She was the patriarch of our animals.

She was a true loyal friend, gentle and kind to all. I am going start crying just thinking of her pain and suffering. I just wanted her to get better holding out great hope----She could not.

Anyway, I am on a quest to a fur baby entirely of MY own.

As I pan thru Craig's list PETS just now my eye balls wanted to pop out of my head. The post started with:


I almost sent a message back to this women. Ma'am, please for the love of God, correct your first sentence to read in part, My husband and I
Me and MY HUSBAND is not grammatically correct.

I can NOT stand hearing or reading ME and MY HUSBAND. Or, ME and MY what ever.

OR,--- I'm gonna put HIM on child support is another peeve of mine. You cant put someone ON child support.

OK peeve over.

What are YOUR pet peeves?

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* I'll learn you how.
* Inability to differentiate between to/too/two, they're/their/there, etc.
*Improper use of *I*...
Fred gave the cookies to my husband and I.
Oh, no, Fred f**king did NOT. If you had no husband would you say "Fred gave the cookies to I"? No, you facking would NOT.

Crappy drivers:
* Drivers who don't know how to use turn signals (who turns it on when they start turning???)
* Slow drivers in the left lane.
* Those who drive waaaaaay under the speed limit (tractors don't count)
* People who cannot navigate a bloody roundabout.
You YIELD to cars already IN the roundabout.
While IN the roundabout, you have the right of way. You do NOT freaking STOP.

Noisy chewers
* Gum snappers (I want to shove it up their nostrils)
* People crunching chips like a jackhammer
* Open-mouth chewers :sick:

I need a soothing cup of tea. Sad

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I don't know if you know this, but I speak 3 languages every day. English is my mother tongue, but I get confused more and more these days. My spelling is getting more phonetic (so more likely to make who's/whose, their/they're/there type of errors. Ugh.

"Leren" is Dutch for "to learn." And for "to teach." And for "leather," lol.

"Lenen" is Dutch for "to borrow." And for "to lend."

"Apprendre" is French for "to learn", but sometimes "enseigner" ("to teach") is used instead.

Anyway, my point was that maybe some people make errors in English that seem 'correct' in their native tongue. I know there are hilarious books out there about how odd Dutch sounds if you just translate it, because it is so heavily idiomatic. That plus the grammar leads to a lot of strange sentences. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my wife's bottom too." Or, "I was so surprised my pants almost fell down." "That car is another cookie."

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Moe, believe me when I say that these folks speak only English. Poorly spoken, but English.

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LOL Bloody roundabout. We in Jersey call them circles. We also have jug handles. If you want to make a left you have to use the jug handle to the right.

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OMG! Don't get me started on "me and..." SDstb28 always talks like that. DH and I use writing as part of our careers, so we're the grammar police at home. We're not the greatest at it, but we insist on the basics and "me and..." is a basic grammar rule as far as we're concerned. It actually hurts my ears. Well, not to get into a whole other topic of our Disney goopy-eyed dads who justify anything and everything their precious poopsie pies do, but one time, DH said to me that he noticed that SD often says, "me and..." He then went on to say that there are times that it's correct. I just about lost my shit. I was steaming, because for God's sake! Does he HAVE to defend every bloody thing she does?!!! I snapped at him and told him it's never correct. It's 100% wrong not only grammar wise, but etiquette wise. It's rude to put yourself before someone else when speaking of both of you. Then, for a couple of days DH would use "me and..." I told him to bloody well knock it off and that him using it does not make it correct and it doesn't make it OK for SD to keep doing it. For once, she's wrong. Gah!!!!

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patience and license are both discussed in the plural "in these here parts". as in "at that point my patience were gone because i had to wait so long at the DMV because my license were expired."

drives me insane.

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I am rolling......POOR EVIL3

GUM snapper cracker's and foot sliders. You know people who cant pick their feet UP when the take a step. They just sliiiiideeee their feet. THAT makes my head spin in a 360'

People who speed thru parking lots, slam on their brakes as their passengers appear to catapult out of their seats, get out of their cars and walk like they do NOT have 1oz of energy. They walk so slow, jam UP traffic. BIG problem in the south.

I am from the North. YOU DO NOT walk slow crossing a street/parking lot or you will be struck down. Wink

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Jaywalkers. The ones who believe that, because they're moseying across the road - but NOT in a crosswalk - the entire world should yield to their pokey arses.

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All of the above Blum 3 and to add: It is not "I could care less" it's "I COULDN'T care less". That is a biggy to me.

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steplifesmells, Agree with you about elderly, handicap.

OF course drivers should let them take their time.

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trying.hard YESSSS, thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

YES she was the matriarch

**good catch, since I am the one having a conniption about ones grammar...bahhhhh**

no harm, no foul.

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People who stand at your desk when you're on the d@mn phone. And stand there. And stand there. And stand there. Hellooooooo, pinhead!! Can you not see that I have this handset glued to my ear and am TALKING to someone else?? Does it LOOK like I'm doing nothing? Does it SOUND like I'm not busy? If you need something to do, kindly go take a p!$$ up a rope.

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Grammar errors do not really bother me. Only one. For the love of Pete peopleā€¦learn how to use then and than properly.

But a bigger pet peeve is the people that do not get their dogs fixed. Especially Pit bull owners who breed these dogs over and over to other dogs or let them run loose and get preggers. Just go to your local shelter and see all of the dogs there. The other day our local shelter had almost 100 dogs in there. Over 60 percent were pitbulls and pit mixes. Makes me sick.

They are beautiful dogs but humans suck so bad that most of the pits end up with terrible lives. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but I almost wish the breed would go extinct so that human would stop abusing them so damn much.

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Fruit, a judge told DH and BM to work together (years after the divorce). I asked (in my sweet southern way) for him to explain exactly what a divorce meant?