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O/T I think The Mister's Uncle is being fleeced by his own family

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Reason I say that:
My husbands’ Uncle never married and has no children
His last living sibling just passed away a few weeks ago, Uncle isn’t doing that great health-wise and was unable to attend the services (Her family is a five hour drive from where we live)

Aunt was a widow. She has three children, two of which are married with kids… one of which never left the family home…

The one who never left home, contacted Uncle at the retirement home and asked him for $6,000 to pay the expenses for his sisters’ death.
She was cremated
They didn’t have a service for her at the church
They didn’t have a service for her at a funeral home
They didn’t have a luncheon or memorial anywhere

So The Mister and I are confused about what could possibly have cost $6,000… or is she just trying to fleece Uncle out of his money?
Luckily, The Mister has POA and all the check books, etc… the cousin called him again, asking for money and told him that she’d be down to visit this coming weekend… I’m worried, because we’re going to be out of town. Mister asked his brothers and sisters to PLEASE keep an eye on the situation this weekend.

We understand that if Uncle wants to help pay for the expenses of his sisters “funeral” or whatever, but we want to see some invoices before we will allow the money to be handed over.
(I am also ticked off that this ‘family’ up there doesn’t pick up a phone to call him EVER< hasn’t done a darn thing to help out with taking care of Uncle since he started to not do so well , but they sure can put their hand out for money if they think they can get some)
Any feedback or insight on this situation would be greatly appreciated!

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Not sure why the uncle should pay for the funeral expenses regardless. She has GROWN children. I am betting she also has insurance that they will benefit from. I'd request invoices and tell the that Uncle will be glad to share the cost after insurance.

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The "story" is that they forgot the last month's payment on the life insurance,just WEEKS before she passed away and the family had NO money to put their dear mother to rest... (where's the eyeroll when you need it?)

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Ditto what smdh says.

My father was cremated. Cremation, announcements, death certificates, A SERVICE, a memorial book, a VERY nice wooden memorial box, etc - was $5000 total.