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O/T do u ever wonder who is on here?

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I know some people in my area that are step parents and sometimes wonder when I read posts on here if I know the poster. I don't want to expose anyone by any means. With such similar situations it makes me curious. Anyone else ever feel the same?

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I would actually love to meet up with another STer that lives close to me. It would help to actually have someone to talk to about all of the back and forth issues we seem to deal with every day.

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Why don't you start up a support group in your church, neighborhood, or town? You'd be doing a huge service for a lot of people.

Try to find a therapist or counselor who'd offer a couple hours an evening to talk on a subject, then Q & A from the group. Counselor can leave, and people stay and bounce ideas off one another. A different counselor everytime you meet.

Or just get a group of women to meet at the library or someplace you can have coffee and pie.

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I would love to, I'm afraid I only know one person dating (or married to) a man with kids. And that person is my supervisor's GF (I knew her before they met). Most of the women I work with are either childless or are BM's.

I should consider posting a message on the bulletin board at the SBucks down the street from our home. I wonder if I could get any hits that way. Smile

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My new boss is a BM who obviously doesn't like her ex and his wife. So now I feel like I can't talk about my crazy BM because she'll automatically think I'm a bitchy SM. FML.