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OSS possibly steals

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I really hope that I'm wrong and OSS is not stealing things from us. The sad part is, the item he may have allegedly stolen isn't worth anything. The last time they were here was last night and I remember seeing the item. Now I no longer see it. I've looked high and low for the item. The area of the apartment in which it was stolen from that's where OSS is always hibernating. No one else goes in that area unless we need or have to put something away. It's a closet in the living room a rather huge closet. You wouldn't know something is missing until you need the item.

He would have been able to take it because he brought over pajama bottoms to change into. He didn't change back into them before leaving. He would have wrapped the item in his jeans and me nor DH would be the wiser. I think I might need to invest in a SKid Cam formerly known as a Nanny Cam. The minute I realized the item was missing I called DH and asked him did he move it or see it. I turned my apartment inside out.

DH nor I have a habit of misplacing things. I since have moved items that I think will grow legs and walk away.

I have said something to DH. Not so much accusing OSS, but simply stating we both saw the item, no one comes to visit except OSS and YSS, and things just don't grow legs and walk away.

Do I let DH handle it?

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you dont mention the age of ss.

if a small child, serious intervention and punishment need to be meted out. stealing is a crime.

if an adult, call the police.

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oh dammit...

we are not allowed to post links.... I tried but it will be moderated first which means never reach this bord.

Now... again.... you did not get the memo, the one stating as soon as you have children in your house there's another person moving in, a free loader with the name of SomeOne and this person only moves out once the children are gone...

Now invest in a 360 motion camera, google it.... amazone has a nice one that alerts yo on your cell phone SomeOne is walking around in the area,
if there's no one in the room it switches off.... and you have the record on your phone regardless where you are

But tell no one you installed it lol... and have fun catching SomeOne

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Dishcop, the same thing happened with me. I installed a "skid" cam in an area of the basement where some of MY things are kept (hidden). Funny how things no longer went missing...