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OMG! You have GOT to read this Facebook post from SD's fiance!!!

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So SD's 24 y/o fiance who she's known for 3 months just started a job at a warehouse 4 days ago. Previous to that he apparently had a landscaping business with his brother. I have no idea what the "landscaping" consisted of. He makes it sound like he is such a hero for doing what he's doing. Oh and how much he misses her now that they can't be together 24/7. Yeah dude, it's called a JOB! Just read below and tell me your opinion. The only thing I changed was SD's name the rest of the wording is his. Note his use of the word "and" as "An". Does he REALLY think that is how you spell it???????? And that it's capitalized??

"Pullin 8 hour swing shifts with the occasional overtime, is so new to me. I get home tired as f*** some nights, awake as f*** others. It’s definitely a big change, but It’s rly good money, An I know it means being able to provide for my fiancé An I. At times it’s VERY hard not being able to see her as often as I would like, but I’m building a foundation for SD An my future, An that makes all the sore muscles, all the pain of missing her, An the weird hours all the more worth it. I’m so proud of myself for adulting An doing what’s right for me an SD, as well as I know she is proud of me. Adulting is hard, stressful, tiring, An time consuming, but it’s so worth the hard work. I love you baby, everything I’m doing, it’s for us, it’s for our future, it’s for the life we deserve"

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wonder how he will feel when she refuses to work someday after getting pregnant with a baby.

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Yeah, he wrote all this after only working 4 days. If he's already tired, sore, and thinking that "adulting is hard work", how is he going to handle it a few months down the road when it doesn't seem so glamorous that he's doing all this for her? His "true love, his baby, beautiful fiance" because as he's said, "without her, I'm nothing".

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Wow. That was painful to read. Kudos to this idiot for doing what most of the people on the planet do - WORK.

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Wow - you get a medal for ................ADULTING. I wish I had known this when I started adulting back in the day. Are medals issued retroactively?

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I get mine in the mail bi-weekly. Maybe they have your address wrong if you aren't getting them?

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I think you're spending far too much of your free time internet-stalking your SD and her BF. Find something productive to do.

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Oh come on, really?? Look at how entertaining the posts are! I have shared that post with my coworkers, friends, sister, mother and get the exact same reaction from all of them. "That was written by a 24 year old?" "He sounds like a real catch" "They were made for each other then if she's proud of him getting a job at 24 and she can't keep one" "Make sure to take copious notes when you meet this winner this weekend".

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I can imagine he'll get pretty tired of adulting pretty quickly when his feeling of being a superhero for getting a job fades!

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And it's $18/hr which he thinks is "really good money". That only adds up to about $37,000/year. Yes it's sustainable but it's not "really good". Especially if SD isn't working or if she is, she's just a barista who makes far less than that.

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I make less than that... When he gets sick of adulting HMU, I want his job... (ours is partially area though... We're looking for somewhere better after this court case)

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Yes, but it's not like he is the only guy to do this and writes a whole paragraph on how hard it is but it is so worth it so they can start a life together. And he posts about how much he misses SD and SD posts about how much she misses him because he has to be at a job for 8 hours! Come on!! They are both still in this huge infatuation phase and they want to get married?? They have no idea what it is like to "adult" if he is already saying having a full time job is hard! What are bills and paying rent going to be like??

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WOW!!! He is a real catch. LOL He is 24 and has a job now. And he is so proud of himself at the age of 24 to finally have a job. And he thinks this is adulting. He has a lot to learn.

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LOL! Kind of off topic, but I have a cousin who does that on Facebook, uses the word "an" for "and." I'm Head Chief Grammar Nazi so it used to drive me nuts when I had FB.

"My BF's the BEST! He brought me roses an candy an a necklace. I'm soooo lucky an I feel so special an spoiled!"


Yeah, major pet peeve.

And yeah, this guy? Welcome to the real world, jackass.

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Actually, since his intended is female, it's "for my fiancée and me".

Sorry. I'm a grammar Nazi English major and French speaker raised by a British subject who constantly corrected my transgressions against the queen's English. Blum 3

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My opinion is that his parents failed him when it comes to 1) having higher expectations in life, and 2) education. That grammar, oof.

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Someone at my work said that he might be talking into the phone which is why it's so bad but if that was the case, then why would "and" ALWAYS spell out as "An" with a capital A??

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But with some overtime too, poor baby! And keep in mind, he's only worked 4 days at this job!! Yet he says "Some nights he comes home tired as f*** and others, awake as f***"! So I'm guessing 2 nights awake and 2 nights tired??!!

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I don't know how OT works at his job but I have to work over 40 hours to get it. Which I wouldn't have done in four 8 hour days. So unless he's busting out over 10 hour days, I doubt he's got OT.

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Yup.....I think he dose understand the meaning of’s a BIG word.

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Yeah H said he almost said to him “Try working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week on a fishing boat and be gone for 4 months" like he did.

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The world is such a different place.

I moved out the DAY I turned 18. While I attended college, I worked two jobs - one at a big box store cashiering after school, the other a swing shift medical records clerk. That is just how life was. I was lucky if I got 4-6 hours of sleep at night. I didn’t complain.

Kids these days.

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momjeans----exactly!!! ME TOO.

1full time M-Friday 8a-4p, 1 part time after the full time was over at 4pm and at Christmas 1full and 2 part times to fill in when tips were bad with part time job number 1

My parents didn't help we didn't dare think we were entitled to zoom.

I remember taking wash to do for free BUT I brought my own detergent.

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How the hell did he graduate high school with that cringe-worthy grammar?!

Try working for less than $8 p/h, kid.

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Oh, barf.

I kind of hate hippies; they stink and all they do is smoke pot.

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LOL }:)

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He put the nail in the coffin with "deserve". What this DipShitIot fails to realize is that he "deserves" only what he earns. The same applies for SD.

IMHO of course.

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And what kills me is that people responded to his post with "Proud of you", "Great job buddy. It's definitely worth it in the long run", "Keep it up. So happy and proud of you" and even his father wrote "Love you and proud of you". He is 24 years old and got a job at a warehouse and you'd swear he was doing something nobody else has ever done! And that line "Adulting is hard, stressful, tiring, An time consuming, but it’s so worth the hard work." REALLY?? So you think you're a hero for "adulting" at 24?? Can't wait to see what week 2 of workign brings! Also, can't wait to meet this gem this weekend when they come up to visit! Of course, he'll probably be so beat from working I don't know how they will manage Smile

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It's the generation of "everyone gets a ribbon for participating" coming to fruition! I have such a hard time with it.

I'm embracing being a wench of a mom now to my boys so they don't grow up like this! :jawdrop:

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modern schools reward all children regardless of performance. those excelling get the same reward as those who do or can do nothing.

its part of the horrid self esteem movement. work does not count. the only things that matter are how you feel about.

newsflash: the real world is not like this.

its no wonder kids graduate from high school demanding hand outs from society or their parents.

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I never have gotten people who brag about themselves and what they can/did do and put it out there for all the world to see. Maybe I'm old and was brought up to keep your accomplishments to yourself. If you do something great enough everyone will know without you telling them JMHO
OHHHHHH I forgot the ones who are always sharing GIFs or quotes about how much they loveeeeeeeeeee their kids and you know for a fact that they are POS parents :?
Sorry for the vent.... Wink

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Well they were supposed to come up this weekend but once again, SD cancels at the last minute. For someone who keeps telling H that she really wants him to meet her fiance, she isn't doing much about it. She keeps making plans to come up and had these big dinner plans for us this weekend and was excited that another couple was coming over. When H sent her a message on Thursday night asking if they were still coming, she said "I think so" Then Friday evening she texts him "Is it okay if we come up another weekend?" No reasoning why. From what I could see from their Facebook posts, they were sitting around celebrating National Cheese Day by eating cheese! Apparently that takes precedence?! She said a few days after Christmas they wanted to come up and decided on the weekend of Jan. 13. That weekend came and went without any word from her. Then they decide on this past weekend and bail the day before.

And I'm so glad H extended the invitation to her to come up and house sit for a few days when we're gone. She can't commit to coming up here so now I have to worry if she will or won't be here.

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Ooooh! The fiance finally sold his car for $700 and posted online that now he has cash in hand and he and SD can start filling out applications for apartments! Ummm, $700 is most likely not even going to pay the security deposit! How will they handle the monthly rent and bills? If he's getting all excited about having $700 for an apartment, he is going to be shocked when they are going to need at lesast twice that to get by with rent and bills, not to mention money for food and other things! Yes, he's working but she isn't. And how are they going to get an application accepted when he is apparently the only one working and they need a certian income??

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Looks like SD and the fiance were approved for an apartment. They seemed to have lucked out on the price at only $900/month for a 2 bedroom where water, sewer, garbage, and electric are all included in the rent. Granted, it's above a store and it's not the greatest looking apartment, but hey, it's something. I'm amazed they got approved since they both have to fill out an application with their income amounts. SD said she got a new job in the mall at a coffee place. Well, she seems to get a new job every couple of months after she gets fed up with her managers and coworkers. If you have to be paying rent and bills every month yo ucan't go willy nilly from job to job.

But once again, the thing that kills me is after he posts that he got an apartment, someone replies with "I'm so proud of you". Just like when he posted about getting a job and how hard it is to adult, a lot of people posted how proud they were of him. He just turned 25 and people are PROUD of him for getting a job and an apartment??!! Isn't that something you should have done years ago??

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They are special because they exist. There is no connection between special and performance for this generation.


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Not sure why they needed a two bedroom, I hope they can afford it, seems like a studio would have been more affordable.

Veritas's picture the story continues it still appears like two people growing their lives...getting jobs, getting a place to live, getting praise from those who love them. Sounds like they have just a normal little life. I don't understand the bashing. Not sure where the drama fits in.