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Omg. This poor young man.

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I'm bacheloring it while DW is with her family.  I am at a Sushi place, one of the belt/robot delivery style places.  A few minutes after I sat down a younger couple sat down next to me.  A nice looking couple of kids.  Nearly 2 hours later the young man has said less than a dozen words and the young lady has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room.

Wow!  The young man just said another half dozen words.  It turns out it is their first date.  She is 18.  No idea about anything about the young man.  I know the young lady's entire family history, professions, alma matters, relative levels of wealth though no numbers........

They both are really cute.  This young lady is a red headed bubbly personality.  After two hours of this I am going go home and have a drink on top of an Ambien.  This girl has worn me out just listening.


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My GrandDad used to like to go to the airport (Pre-TSA) to get an "airport dog" and sit and watch people come and go.  We used to do that at lease once every time I visited.  60 miles N to STL Lambert Field, 60 miles back when he had his fill of hotdogs and people watching.