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OMG it KEEPS getting better!

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SO.... I'll start off by saying SD wants to stay with her mom until AFTER 4th of July!!! YAY!!!! ANOTHER WEEK off of seeing SD this summer! How amazing is that? SOOOOO AMAZING!

NEXT I want to say that I mentioned in my previous posts how SD is no longer friends with this group of popular kids, no longer friends with her BFFFL and no longer friends with some other girl she was APPARENTLY friends with, the one that she tried hooking up with her boyfriend after she dumped him. So when she hung out with these popular kids she crap talked about this other friend (that helped introduce these kids to her) saying that she's annoying, and that everyone supposedly agreed (In my head I imagine this is how that conversation went SD- "OMG, that girl is getting really annoying, don't yall think?" and they say "yea, I mean I guess I can see that") Well, NOW they are all friends with each other!!! I am sure they are all swapping stories about how horrible SD is and how manipulative she is! But I also learned that SD is "love bombing" the one that she had been BFFFLs with since high school started. sending apologies left and right, saying how much she loved her as a friend, and that she misses her so much. She also play these "challenge games" where you ask questions and "reveal you answer" by turn the answer over quickly, so that it's almost impossble to see the answer, but when the question came "who do you miss the most" she flipped the answer over super slow and it was her EX BFFFL's name. these are all signs of her having narcissitic personality disorder, but It is nice that Karma is giving her a nice LONG visit. all her horrible behavior is coming back to bite her in the @$$.

ALSO her pediatricitian recommends her to get a psych eval (which DH has been begging BM do for YEARS and SD was SUPPOSEDLY on a wait list for a specialist 3 or 4 years ago, which OBVISOUSLY is a lie)

ANYWAYS I thought yall would enjoy hearing this seeing as though SD is experiencing karma for all her deceit and manipulation.

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I swear they keep adding letters, it was BFs, then BBFs, now BFFL.... It's always a soap opera with these attention seeking girls.

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Yea, i know i had no idea what it meant, apparently it's best friend forever for life