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OK my soon to be Mother in law calls and does not talk to me.....and ex wife is still calling her incessantly..........

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In laws who would have them! My daughter just took a call from my soon to be mother in law. Her son is not here, does she say hi to me? NO. But she tells my daughter that my fiancee's ex wife just called again.

EW calls my soon to be mother in law to winge about me and her son and how EW's life is crap.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of all this crap. Sorry guys just need to vent.

Any creative ideas in handling the ex everythings???? and managing the new inlaws???

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I finally have a MIL and FIL that are wonderful. But in my first marriage I had and evil MIL and married a mama's boy. OMG that was a nightmare. I didn't stand a chance I was 18 and really got hurt by her over and over. I learned at a young age that if DH isn't going to stand up for you then don't marry him!!! As far as the ex. I don't deal with her at all. You can't do a thing about MIL and EW talking however DH can stand up for you and say something to his mother.

I saw a great Tshirt one time that says "Be nice to your children, they pick out your retirement home". Buy that TShirt and sent DH over with it on :

As far as the EW. My personal favorite was "I hear voices and they don't like YOU"

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I am happily estranged from DH's parents as they are complete idiots. They speak to my DH when they pick up/drop off their grandson. They are liars, sneaks, bullies, and vindictive people. Unfortunately, DH had to make a choice when they decided to voice their unkind opinions about me. He chose me. It didn't have to be this way but they weren't able to accept that I refused to conform to their standards for living. I have my own as did my husband and we chose to live our lives "our" way, not theirs.

As far as the EW goes, she'll always be a PITA. Doesn't matter what DH does or says, EW still finds something to be a pain about. Distance yourself as much as possible.

Do you have caller ID? Don't answer the phone when MIL calls or block out her number. I don't know how old your daughter is but I would be mad if my MIL called and told my 12-year-old that she just got off the phone with my DH's EW. What purpose does that serve other than to stir the pot?

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Oh yes, the in laws (I call mine simply "the others"). Honestly, I have nothing to do with "the others" and neither does my husband or our children..Our son is six and a half and they have seen our son briefly and under direct supervision twice and he doesn't even know they exist..See? My step daughter is "the Golden Child" with all the in laws and all our other kids are treated like garbage by them..SO they have no relationship with any of them..

They all hate the ex or egg donar to the step brat but they have tried to suck up to her in the past so that they could try to get access to the step brat...Unfortunatley, for them, the BM is an addict and has no custody or visitation rights to the Step Brat...I don't handle "the others" at all, I leave the totally up to DH...He cut his family out because of the crap they were pulling and their continued contact with the ex wife.

In a perfect world their would be retroactive abortion capabilities.~ disgusted stepmom

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My ex-MIL was old-school, overbearing, opinionated, and thought the sun rose and set on her ass. She thought all of her kids were perfect, that no one was good enough for them (and believe me, they weren't all angels). When me and my ex split it was all my fault of course, the reason we never had kids was all my fault (I couldn't have kids and he told me late in our marriage he didn't want kids). Frankly, I am glad to be rid of her. Sometimes the husbands' mother is far worse.

My current husbands' parents are both deceased, but he assures me that his mom would have loved me.