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Not addressing issues

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Since I been with DH, SD has always had behavior/mental issues. We have been together 7yrs and it seems to only get worst. SD is now 15 and has been put out of BM house for running away and consistently trying to fight her. She ended up with us a few months pack "temporarily", but BM refuses to put a plan together as far as custody. My issue at this point is that this child is in my house literally sleeping all day, barely attending virtual school, her room is a horrible mess, she consisty tells DH and Grandmother she is depressed, and who knows if she takes her meds. Recently she mentioned doing self harm also. DH doesn't put any structure on her, allows her to be on her phone and play the game all the time into the morning sometimes. I just don't get why DH doesn't see the damage this is causing. Everytime I say anything it's meet with an attitude by both SD and DH. I have told him several times now that I couldn't do this. It's just too much for me, plus I have two toddlers. This child needs so much help and nobody seems to address it. I just don't know how much longer I can just sit ideally by. I'm always in the back of mind scared she will do something crazy to herself.  

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As someone that has been in your shoes with 2 SSs one with mental issues and the other suffering from poor parenting, please please disengage!  You have children of your own to worry about. And since your DH won't do anything and like most BMs are as useful as a tard on a stick you shouldn't be worried about a child whose BP don't care about.


See if you can arrange for useless DH to stay somewhere else if he insist on having SD or make arrangements for yourself to move out.