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No BM - we won't assume your tax bill (sigh)

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So DH moved back in after agreeing to all of my conditions - he isn't allowed to unpack anything except his clothes though until we have gone through six months together, he follows all my conditions, and I feel like we are on a good path.

Of course, as soon as he moves in again, BM starts a whole new pile of crap. They both owe for 2008 taxes, or they did until the IRS took it ($3500) out of BM's enormous tax refund. DH is so brilliant that (based upon my research) he asked her if she had filed an innocent spouse claim. Of course she hadn't because she is an idiot, but thanks to DH's big mouth she immediately did. Well, apparently since we live in a community property state you have to claim that DH falsified or messed up on his taxes and BM had no way of knowing this because she wasn't involved in his business. Nothing like that happened, the taxes are correct, BM organized and submitted all the tax info to the preparer, and she claims to be a "co-owner" of their business on her resume.

Anyways, she gets on the phone with DH while he is talking to the kids and asks him not to appeal the IRS decision to refund some of her payment because "she needs the money". Okay, hold on here while I laugh hysterically. Yes BM - we will assume your half of the tax bill based upon fradulent information that you provided to the IRS in exchange for ????? No, we are appealing it, providing them with the correct info (including a copy of her resume) and she can explain why she made those claims. I hear McDonalds is hiring if you need more money BM.

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You are giving me FLASHBACKS!! GG (biodad I live with) and the Behemoth (BM) filed their last joint taxes in 2004 because the Behemoth did some major league foot dragging on the divorce

GG came to live with me in July 2003 and 18 mos later, the Behemoth still hadn't filed for the divorce; I could not get GG to file either b/c he wanted to give the Behemoth "more time." This should have been a MAJOR red flag for me but I digress.

She forged his name on the tax return that she had an accountant do for her (IMHO anyone who has a simple return shouldn't need an accountant to do his/her taxes, so it shows how dumbass the Behemoth is) 2004 was also the year that the Behemoth raided all the marital accounts INCLUDING the three college funds that were set up for the skids with GG's workers comp claim money when he had a serious injury on the job and was laid up for months. Seems the Behemoth "forgot" to report the fact that she drained those three accounts and there were taxes, interest and penalties owed. Guess who got the "stick 'em up" letter? That's right. . .GG!!!! It came to my address. I filed innocent spouse for GG and reams of paperwork and a year later, the IRS came up with a reduced amount owed. Of course the Behemoth saw all this paperwork going back and forth as she was copied in on it all.

INSTANTLY the Behemoth, after remaining suspiciously quiet on the subject all year long, rang up GG and tried to "sweet talk" him into paying the reduced amount owed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this was when GG was having almost all of his pay direct deposited into the Behemoth's account out of sheer GUILT as they weren't divorced yet and their was no court order instructing him to do so!!!!!!!

What was GG's response?? Instead of righteous indignation and appreciation shown to ME for getting him out of this jam, he dismissed all my efforts and said "I'll pay it back $5 a week!!!"

I put my foot down and said "no, she stole the money so she owes the taxes and penalties!!" I couldn't believe my ears when GG said that. To this day he still downplays all my efforts to get his ass off the hook and also the time I had to get him out of hot water when the Behemoth ran his ass up the CPS flagpole and got him on the NYS Child Abuse and Maltreatment register without a hearing (the Behemoth WORKS for CPS, wink wink)

I sent a letter to the Behemoth telling her to make a certified cheque out to the United States Treasury Dept and send it to ME as I did not trust her to send it in. Like nothing, she sent the cheque immediately as she was rolling in dough from all the money that GG was giving her, plus the side jobs she was doing and the financial backing from her well to do family.

Nice, eh?