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New here, so glad I found this place! Psycho ex...

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Hello everyone! I am so happy that I found these forums. I actually stumbled accross this by googling "psycho ex wife" because that is what I am dealing with. Where do I even start? I met a wonderful man about a little over a year ago, he was going through a divorce, and so was I. He has 2 kids (6 yo boy, 9 yo girl). I have one 4 yo boy. His STBX is a real piece of work! At first when he would tell me how bad she was, I almost didn't believe him thinking to myself that one person couldn't be that bad. Now I have learned from witnessing the phone calls and stories from friends/family how awful she really is. His two kids are great and I feel so bad for these children that they have to go through this crap all because she can't be a decent human being. My ex and I get along fine for the most part, our divorce has gone well, and we share parenting time 50/50. I have committed myself to moving in with BF and I am really looking forward to our future except having to deal with this psycho BM. I know it is going to be hard , it already is and we aren't even living together yet. The crap she does/ doesn't do/says just makes my blood boil. This woman doesn't work, has a SEVERE gambling problem (her phone just got disconnected yesterday despite the fact that she is getting almost $1100 a mo. in child support that she is not entitled to that much). Her monthly bills only add up to about $500 a mo. She is downright nasty, money grubbing, badmouths me and BF to the kids, lies, pulls one stunt after another just to cause trouble. She is a control freak, the list goes on and on..... Thank goodness the kids don't seem to believe all the bad things she says about us. I need to somehow, someway, keep my sanity and strength through this. I know it probably sounds crazy but I truly believe that I have found my soulmate. Don't get me wrong I am ready to take on the step mom role and have done a lot of researching and know what I am about to take on. I know it's going to be hard, especially when we're dealing with a BM that is nuts. I am just so glad I found this forum where I can read other's stories and advice, and vent to others that understand!

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Come here to vent, laugh, cry, whatever is needed....we are all here for the same reason....dealing with a nutbar BM/misbehaving skids/or a hubby that causes....ummm....grief, so we can all relate very, very well.


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we all have crazy BMs to deal me...this site is terrific for advice, ideas, venting, a good laugh and support!!! youre among friends, and we understand!