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Need advice--Sh!t storm brewing

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DH and BM have been divorced for a while. In the beginning, BM was getting child support, as she provided inaccurate information (DH's lawyer didn't catch it), but shortly after, DH did, and requested it be re-evaluated. After a year and a half of her taking money that shouldn't have been "ordered," in the first place. It was also determined with those original numbers that BM claims both skids on taxes, and is required to keep them on her health/dental/vision insurance.

Fast to now, there's no child support (as it should have been). BM has been making significantly more than DH (This is based on what she has said--directly to DH). DH has been informed by BM that she's been "terminated" from her current "in demand" job (I know, most BM's don't work). That means the skids have no health insurance. Dh can add them to his, but it will cost us 3.5x's the amount it would cost BM. (I'd don't know about adding them to mine-it would be significantly cheaper than BM's, but this means BM would have access to my insurance info).

BM has mentioned taking her "in demand" job elsewhere. Which would mean she'd relocate a significant distance away. When she "mentioned" things in the past, she normally already has something in the works.

Two concerns--if she moves, what about the skids (they have 50/50 now)? If she takes them, how bad of a hit will child support be?

If she stays, but has no job, what is the fairest way to do healthcare?

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Chances are, if it's too far away, someone will have to take primary physical custody. Your DH has a better chance since it would uproot the kids too much to move. In that case, BM would be required to pay CS, which wouldn't be a bad deal for your DH and then you guys could probably cover health insurance if he was ordered to do so.

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Hopefully she won't be moving to NY, CA, MA or NJ which have COMPLETE and UTTER pro-BM laws on the books. Which means she will be getting full custody, full CS plus "add ons", and force you to put the skids on your or DH's health insurance.

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She hasn't mentioned those specifically and we aren't in one of those states. My guess is she will have to petition the court here to move outside the limit, but she's not followed the decree yet, so I doubt this would stop her.

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It is, but there are so many other pieces of information in the decree that is disregarded and manipulated, I would not put it past her. Part of me feels like it would be easier to let her move, and then only have to deal with her every so often instead of once or twice a week.

However, I don't know how the judge would rule if she was using "work" reasons. DH would not let the kids go without a fight.