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Nearly 1/2 of college-age Americans have psychiatric problems

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This from an article in Time magazine, referring to a study by Columbia U., National Institutes of Health and NY State Psychiatric Institute.

No surprise to us on here, I'm sure. If the skids aren't acting PB, or antisocial, the ex's are. And are using the skids as pawns in power games, no matter what it may do to their psyches. What a mess.

SD17-antisocial? I'm no professional, but that's one of the traits, as well as narcassim, included in the Sociopath diagnoise of my ex. Antisocial being-he could behave normally,deceptively so, while inside his thoughts were-for example-I'm above the law. While most 17 y.o.'s think they'r something special, she is so wrapped up in herself, treats even the one she says she loves (bf) like a bag of poo.

With SD13's b.d. party yesterday, I offered to take pics of her and her mom. SD13 is very affectionate-hugging and kissing me, etc. Her pic with her Mom? They stood about a foot apart, arms at their sides. Looked that the camera, and I took the photos. No affection in the shot. I asked BM to take one of SD13 and me-I was hugging SD13, and she was hugging me back. Hmmm.

We're going to be in trouble-all these entitled, self-obsessed guilt parents are raising kids who are going to be the biggest group of uncaring, selfish, manipulative young adults we've ever seen.

Just my thoughts.

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Our culture has made it cushy for us to the point where the less than fit survive and reproduce.

And also our minds are so ridiculously stimulated by technology in ways we have no idea how they will affect us. No more having to hunt/gather/ward off predators creates that cushy life that allows us the luxury of mental illness.

"Om Tare Tutare Ture Mama Ayurpunye Jnana Putin Kuru Svaha"
~Sita Tara Mantra