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This is my worst fear.....

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This happened last night in my state (in Australia), a 25yo man murdered his father and step-mother in front of their 2 children (I assume his half-siblings). I know it is an extreme case but I worry about things like this all the time. Just totally senseless, only saving grace is he decided to spare the kids too. Sad

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Wow! That is seriously messed up! I think some Skids feel that daddy owes them something because of the divorce and they just kind of never get over it!

So far my SS6 has been positive towards BS8months. Once I did see him look at BS in a bad way. SIL had asked him to hold the baby and he shrugged and gave a kind of hostile look. I think it was just normal sibling jealousy.

I will be careful to ensure they have a positive relationship with not too much jealousy.

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That article was very scare with details - it was the man's son from a previous marriage and they were estranged. A friend of mine is a tactical police officer and was on the scene so had the details.

The offender is clearly a shitbag anyway given committed other offences prior, but they were obviously some family dynamics.