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I met with this woman, last year September I met her with a 12 year old boy she told me that the boy is her mother cousin son I suspected something fishy but I kept quiet as things goes on I observed many things she and the boy have many things in common Like the way they smile lay Dow because we were stayimg together with her in her apartment but I dislike this boy his characters and everything,

I called this boy one Day and sat him Down I asked him if he knew his real parents he said no but he was blinking looking so suspicious, he told me him they showed him the picture of his dad, but he don't know his mum, the discussion ended there..

So one day I asked my gf to show me about her previous ex she told me about some but there is guy she did not tell me about and sometimes he calls her on phone I had his number on my phone, the little boy looks so much like him, the day I approached her on WhatsApp I sent the pictures to her instantly she went offline and switched off her phone and locked her door when I came back home I knocked nobody opened the door I went out so I came back in the evening and I asked her who he was she said it was one of her current boyfriends because when I met her this guy has been call in her on phone,  they told me It was him.


I love this girl with all my heart but I dislike the boy because of the story I was told now I don't know what to do pls help

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Okay, I'm a little confused. You think the child is not her cousin but her child with her ex? Why would she need to lie about that?

But your title says it all - you can't make a healthy relationship with someone you don't trust. 

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You do not trust your girlfriend. Whether this is her son or her cousin, you do not like the child. This relationship is doomed. Move on.

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You interrogated this child? Wow. You had NO right to do that.

When there is no trust, there is no relationship. End it.

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A relationship can't be built on lies and that's a pretty big lie. If she can't tell you the truth about something so big and runs away when you confront her then what else could she be lying to you about?

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If she was young and the child was adopted by a family member, it may be a closed adoption and she might not be able to tell you. The boy may not know and it isn't anyone's business to tell him except the adoptive parents.

The big thing here is, you don't trust her. That is all you need to know and therefore should end it.

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Then you need to leave. That's on just reading the title,  I don't have to read anything else... if you don't trust someone, leave. 

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She found out I love her so much so she uses it against me sometimes she will tell me to leave no problem she don't care I keep going back anytime I made up my mind to leave her somebody help

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she uses it against me sometimes she will tell me to leave no problem she don't care I keep going back anytime

This is not a love relationship. Oh, you may love her, but she does NOT love you. Why on earth would you settle for someone who treats you as expendable??? Because that is what you are to her. What she cares about is USING you in whatever way you allow.

The bottom line is that there is no trust. A healthy relationship requires trust. You need to move on by ending it. And ask yourself what is attractive and lovable about a USER who is lying and untrustworthy.

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All she wants is sex sex sex choke me ,any day we don't have sex we end up having misunderstanding the next day 

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Seriously? NOT a reason to stay. She can have sex with someone else or buy sex toys. You can, too. *dash1*

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It should have ended for you long before that.

Dump her, this is a shit show and will only get worse.

Find a woman of character and substance and put this one, her lies, and her shallow and polluted gene pool behind you.

Good luck.

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Bro, she sounds like a booty call, not a girlfriend. I think you got too serious with a friend with benefits. Cut her loose because she has already cut you loose.