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Must-See TV!

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For any of us who have gone through skid wedding drama, this may be a TV show to watch!

"48 Hours, Reuschel v. Reuschel" on Saturday,  April 4th at 10/9c on CBS.

Crux of the story is that stepmom had a contentious relationship with SD for years.  SD had a lavish, over the top wedding which went way over budget alloted, and it seemed to lead to fights and be the catalyst for daddy-dearest to (allegedly) attempt to kill stepmom. 

SD claims it was the other way around, stepmother had been violent towards her father and SM was the one who attempted murder, and daddy was trying to cover for her.  

I'll be tuning in!


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I just watched the preview, daddy obviously didn't pay for precious to have any acting lessons.  Her comments were as false as her eyelashes and lips. 

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“Reuschel's daughter, ex-wife and other friends spoke about his character and had nothing but good things to say about him.”. . . Reuschel claims, “There were several incidents when his wife would scream at him and call his daughter ‘graphic terms’.”  Reuschel and his defense team have been painting a picture that depicts Susan Reuschel, his wife, as greedy and controlling.

“He says certain situations caused Susan to get upset including his daughter from a previous marriage having a party.”  Ha-ha-ha!   Love the way they make it sound like SM objected to a sweet 16 YO having a run-of-the-mill birthday party rather than an adult having an over-the-top, over-the-max., 401k-buster wedding.

Yes, SMs are so reviled that all you need to do to justify extinguishing them from your life, no matter what the means, is make HER out to be the problem, a greedy and controlling witch.  All you have to do is 86 her, and family members, neighbors, etc. will come crawling out of the woodwork to back you up.

Yep, I’ll be watching for sure to see how the media unabashedly goes after SM.  No matter what the verdict, I’m sure it’ll focus on what a good man her DH was and what a controlling be.atch SM was.  I’m sure the daughter will get a lot of air time.

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Well, there is no excuse for attempted murder, but from what I read, the wife didn't sound much better that the spoiled daughter. She married a rich man, quit her job, then bitched about how he spent his money, whether it was on his daughter or giving to charity.

So, no matter what kind of SM she was, she may well have been a controlling bitch.

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She may have been, but rather than singling out SM, they should have all had a big ol' group hug and realized that they all somehow deserved each other.  ETA: Including 48 Hours.

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I have not seen Tiger King, so only know what I read and I don't really get the fascination with him. He is in jail for a murder-for hire- scheme but that happens all of the time so I don't get it. Is it because of the tigers? The sex? The bleached mullet? So confused.

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What? I have so many questions? How have I not heard about tiger king? Hopefully not sex with the tigers?! Idk how anyone with a bleached mullet is having any sex...

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is fascinating. It is like Animal Planet, a bad PETA ad, Law and Order and Bones had a love child. There is murder for hire, a missing husband (potentially eaten by a tiger), death threats, arson, an all male thrupple, a tiger sanctuary cult complete with harem and a man whose main form of transportation is an elephant. It's disturbing and amazing. Oh and former drug dealing mobsters. Can't forget them.