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I highly doubt that this website is being moderated. After numerous attempts to report inappropriate language and a breech of this site's etiquette rules, there has been absolutely no response or attempts by the adm. to restrict the violators.  FYI.  Media bullies are definitely on this site, especially in the adult step parenting forum.  

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There is a moderator, Dawn.  She isn't on every day but she will respond when she feels it's necessary.  She probably won't restrict anyone until it gets really egregious.  You can also send her a PM, search for her name and find her profile that way.

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Personally, I wouldn't start throwing around accusations of bullying when I had only been a member for 5 days.  

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Thank you, everyone. I’m going to cry over my diet soda, now. What a fabulous bunch of people (mostly, lmfao.)

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I practically live in the Adult Skid forum, and have no idea what this overly sensitive OP is talking about.

You're a good egg, Sayno. And I'll take your blunt honesty over pro-BM bs all day long.

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Skids are arseholes and my hubby too at times or telling others here that their men aren’t real men and eff this and that, i’m swearing at the situation and attitudes of them all and how they’re not addressing anything.

i’m blunt so if somebody is explaining a situation here and the person in question that person is referring to is an arsehole well i’ll say their husband or stepkids are being arseholes.

moderators here will step in and hand out warnings if say i posted to you a personal attack like “you’re an effin idiot and stupid etc” that will have the comment removed and a warning noted.

understand op a few of us here could be english, australian etc and using swear words to explain or express the situation is just normal because its a crap situation they are in and dealing with idiots

i hope this helps explain things a bit better. Just remember plenty of people here are from overseas so may have a different way of talking

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Are Americans more polite? Here in Australia, people say c**t as an affectionate term when referring or talking to their friends. It took a bit of getting used to when I first moved here.

Swearing doesn't always mean anger or aggression. As the saying goes: 'dry up wetwipe!' haha.