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It's the prissy priss routine that gets me. How when her father and I are talking she walks up interrupts us repeatedly, and in this whinny tone says "Daddy I love you". The lipstick, and the perfume (which she applies like a 2 dollar hooker,( and is bought for dress up from her Dad), the shorts that are pulled up to her waist so her checks hang out the bottoms. I call them her "booty shorts" typical for a teen, but she's 6 YEARS OLD. Her dancing around shaking her butt like it's the cutest thing in the world. It's not cute, and not only do I find this inappropriate I'm PISSED because her father laughs it off saying she's just like her mother.

Really the only thing I see in this little girls future at this point is a stripper pole! So pretty much like her mother. HAHA!

When we go to town she RUNS SKIPS, and DANCES (see above booty dance routine) around the store at top speed. Going 90MPH! Talking to every employee or random person in the isle. She can't keep her hands off of the merchandise which drives me nuts. I feel if she says "I want" one more time I'll slap her into next week. I am really at my wits end with this behavior.

Her father doesn't believe in ADHD\ADD medication because she's maintaining really good grades in school, he doesn't want her medicated just because she's a lively child at home if she can concentrate at school that's all that matters. Her discipline in school is border line she often gets in trouble for talking, or showing "lack of self control" as her 1st grade teacher states it.

Her father and I are calling her name and correcting her constantly. While waiting in line in the store she runs off out of sight when her father gets on to her for that she grins and says what in that whiney voice and sticks her hips out “What”. Most people thinks she’s just the cutest happiest child ever but me I can’t help but see her as a manipulative brat who acts like her 36 year real mother; again her real mom does these same behaviors when she’s trying to get her way (she even does them in court IE this woman hasn’t paid her Child Support in 2 years!) These things really piss me off how this child can be so much like this woman already. Since my husband has custody of their children and they only see their real mom a total of 42 days A YEAR and that’s it! We have said 6 year old girl and their 11 year old boy the rest of the year so during the summer mommy dearest gets them for a summer full of no rules, hooker clothes, and booty dancing. I really don’t know how to get control on this little terror. She’s like ingesting to much chocolate it’s great for 2 seconds but living with her for 2 years makes you want to throw up, and it’s only getting worse. Help. Advice please. It felt really good just writing this down. : )

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Does her father think that this is normal or acceptable? Does he support your opinion at all? And, does he know where she's headed?

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I don't think you should disingage Sad How long have you been in the skids lives? Why don't you try teaching her to act like a lady after all she is only 6! Lots of little girls act rambunctious and cutesy for attention. YOu said you and your DH have her most of the time so why not use that time to bond with her and help her learn? Its a little crazy to write her off as some hoochy destined for a stripper pole when she is only 6...and Im not trying to jump down your throat I am that 6 year old girl.

My mom WAS a stripper and would dress me provocatively and when I was that age I remember thinking I was just the cutest thing in the world. As I grew older and my motheres craziness escalated (she kicked me out at 16 for being a "slut"...I was a virgin." I realized who I was and that was not it. I had other women in my life that helped shaped the woman I am today. If my surragate mother had just written me off at age 6 as a future stripper...idk I just think that would have been devestating as a child.

just remember that she is a CHILD and maybe try to provide her with some positive guidance...unless you really just dont give a shit and are only tolerating her for the sake of your DH, in that case best of luck to you but just know that you are setting this little girl up for failure just with your attitude.'s picture

Her father doesn't believe in ADHD\ADD medication because she's maintaining really good grades in school, he doesn't want her medicated just because she's a lively child at home if she can concentrate at school that's all that matters.

Good for him. I hate to break it to you, but some girls are just made this way and it has nothing to do with bm. My daughter is 100% the opposite of me. She is a LOT like your sd. She is into fashion, make up, hair, shoes, jewelry, etc. and has been dancing for many years so I know all about the booty shorts, etc. She plays many roles and tries out different personalities just for the fun of it. And you wanna know something? She's gifted. She has what's known as excitabilities, which would be labeled adhd by some. It's a good thing parents stick up for their kids and refuse to drug them, because there's no telling what we would be missing out on if we drugged all our gifted kids because they got on our nerves.