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MIL lost her mind

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I wrote before about my MIL but wanted to share the latest. I think my last post about her was trying to come up with a response for her stupid comments because we are going to see her this weekend at a party and I knew it was coming. Well turns out I broke my darn ankle and am not going to be able to go to the party anyway since I can't drive and DH is working that day.

I broke my ankle last weekend and MIL knew about it but I wanted to make sure she knew I wasn't attending the party (she is throwing the party and I was supposed to make a side dish) so I called her last night. Her first response "DH can't drive?" I said no he is working that day (he works every Sat and she knows this). Then she asks me if I can still make the side dish!!! She didn't even ask how I am feeling or if she can help with anything, only wanted to know if she could still get her precious salad. Are you flipping kidding me?!

I said how would I even get it to you?? She said DH can drop it off on his way to work that morning! What?!?!


Then she says nevermind we will make the salad, all pissy. Is this real life?!


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Weird that they act this way towards you.

I think my inlaws know that if they rubbed me the wrong way, they wouldn't see their grandchildren nearly as much as they do now, because I wouldn't go to their home, and without me going, I doubt my wife would want to go as much either.

Stay tough.

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Now that makes sense. My MIL hardly ever sees my daughter so I guess she has nothing to lose. We only really see her on holidays and birthday parties.

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I could see my MIL doing the same thing.

She regularly has temper tantrums.

Recently, she sent DH a text saying “am I on your shit list?! Why haven’t you replied to my emails.” Her emails were attention-seeking group emails sent while she was on vacation that no one replied to, but she has to send DH a nasty text? Knowing that he probably didn’t even see her emails, because he’s not super into email. She also complains to DH that I never call her, but a) we have nothing to talk about and b) whenever we talk she tries to make me feel bad for not doing enough for SSs or tries to convince me that BM is a victim.


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Oh lord. Yeah, my MIL always says we're never home as her reasoning for not visiting. Why not just tell us ahead of time that you would like to come see the kids and we will plan to be home? Excuses excuses.

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You can't drive. DH is working. Neither of you can make the party.  MIL wants you to still make the side dish. How does she think you will get it there? Beam it over, Scotty.


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Ok wait a broke your ankle when?   I broke my ankle in 3 places in January.  I was ambulanced to the ER, saw the ortho the next day-surgery 3 days later I was zombied on round the clock painkillers/muscle relaxers for WEEKS, complete non weight bearing for weeks....couldn't shower, couldn't get around w/out assitance-the first week especially had everything done for me.  I was lucky to be able to borrow a knee scooter after a few days to slowly learn how to get around.  I was in a splint for several weeks before boot.  My ligaments were also torn.  My mom helped ME with meals.  Most friends dissapeared as expected most people do when needed. It's  HUGE life changing event that goes on for months and months-I wasn't able to drive for over 12 weeks and then it was short distances only. I worked from home for 4 months.  What is this crazy bitch thinking??? OMG!!!  There is an awesome FB support group for those of us with broken ankles if you're interested.

Did you have surgery? What kind of break was it, what did the ortho say about your treatment plan?

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Oh my goodness!! Mine isn't as severe as yours but its still very painful so I can't imagine the pain you were in!

It happened last weekend.

As of now, they don't think surgery will be needed. It's a smaller fracture. They think my recovery will be 6-8 weeks. Luckily I am able to work from home.

My mom has been asking every day how I feel and if I need help, while MIL only wants to know if I can still make her stupid salad. She better hope she never needs my help with anything because the answer will be no.

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Your MIL is a piece of work....not only does she not have common sense but gets pissed off because you can't do the salad. Whatever happened to asking how you were feeling with your broken ankle.....So inconsiderate! I can't imagine having the patience to deal with her.