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MIL has me as 2nd DIL on FB!? WT-?

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Does anyone else have an ex BM that is "included" on family/ social sites with new in-laws that has YOU as the second daughter-in-law?!

It may sound ludicrous, but that is insane! I'm blocking MIL #2, she can have the cows mug shot on her FB as her "DIL"..? OMG-

SmileForMe's picture my blog about what the bitch does to me...I feel your pain sweetie

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My MIL is friends with BM on facebook. Heck BM is friends with just about all of my husband's family on facebook. Heck her BF is friends with my one sil who refused my husbands friend request. I love my MIL though & have a great relationship with her & know that it was BM who made the request not her. I think stuff like that is hard, especially for my husband but what can I do about it other than just than just be fabulous. I am always friendly & outgoing to those that love BM ( my bil & sil) and made my own geniune relationship with my FIL & MIL who I really do enjoy.

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I am not going to be on MIL "relatives" list as DIL...#2! No ty! That's just insane and lame.

Why would you claim something that took your son to the cleaners as a relative on FB?!

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I would send her a little note that last time you checked, your DH only had one wife.

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you're DIL #2 because you aren't the first wife DH was married to. Its a factual thing nothing else. I know its hard but try not to take this incident personal. It would cause more issues the other way around. MIL is indirectly keeping contact wiht her grandkids perhaps?

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i know im gonna sound like a bitch for saying this, but just to play devils advocate, im gonna go ahead and sound like a bitch and say it. you are her 2nd DIL and she has grandkids from the first chick that your dh was married to. stepchicka is right... its just kinda a sucky fact.

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