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Make a list of everything that annoyed you about skid this weekend

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OK-here's mine
-I asked him to take a shower on Sunday morning before we went to my parents (he had not had one for at least 48 hours possibly more). He argued, whined, and hid behind dh's chair to avoid the shower. What 7th grader does that?
-He told my bd, 8, this weekend that while on vacation earlier this summer he drank one of my alcoholic beverages-half a bottle of a smirnoff ice.
-Dh spoke to him after he left and asked him about the alchol which he confirmed that he did, but then said it was my dd, 12, fault because she "dared him to".
-DD,12, said she never did that. That he did say to her that he was going to drink it and she told him he would get in trouble and he said, "no I wont" and then she walked off and didnt know what he did.
-I had folded and separated laundry for abut 45 minutes and set it on the washing machine until I could tell everyone to come get their things and put them away. At some point he came along and threw them all on the floor.
-He admitted throwing them on the floor but then said that that was ok because the pile on the washer was messy.
-He yelled at me as he was telling me he shouldnt have to pick up the laundry.
-I got a new kitten this weekend which I never was able to play with as he was stuck up its butt all weekend. He told my dd, 12, that the kitten didnt like her because it ran from her when she first saw it.
-He was grounded by bm when he got here for getting an inschool suspension for calling a peer a bitch. He had no tv privileges, couldnt go anywhere,etc-dh originally said we would do the same here but when he realized that meant he would also have to stay home with ss-he gave him the opportunity to "work it off here" SS agreed and his first (well only) task was to clean the kitchen on Friday night. We left him upstairs to get to it and he never did it. When asked to do it Saturday morning he whined, argued, but then finally spent 2 hours doing it(it was maybe 30 minutes of work at best).
-Ss did tell me in the convo we had on Friday night that he had written a big list of all the lies he had told about me to bm because she wanted him to confess-he did this about a year ago. yesterday, dh suggested to ss that perhaps it would be a good idea for him to "come clean" with me and accept responsibiltiy for his wrongs and apologize. he refused and hid under the table.
-whenever my son tried to speak to ss he would tell him, "I don't speak freakazoid"
-when I got upset with him for throwing my laundry on the floor, and then yelling at me, and refusing to pick it up-and then I walked off-he turned to the rest of the family "and said, "see, she's always trying to get me in trouble"
-my ds was sweeping the floor with a broom and ss came up and grabbed it from him, ds punched him in the arm, ss grabbed and pushed him down on the floor and hit him in the stomach.
-he never shuts his mouth, seriously-NEVER. From the time he gets up in the morning til the time he goes to bed-he either is telling some bizarre story or he is singing at the top of his lungs, whistling, or if nothing is coming out of his mouth, he is banging things against each other and making noise.
-BM called after she got him home and was mad at him. he had homework that needed to be done but he needed internet access which she doesnt have. We have it here. Dh and BM both asked ss when dh picked him up if he had homework and he said, "no". When dh got on the phone and confronted ss about saying he had no homework he said that he had forgot about it.
-He did come down and apologize to me about the laundry however prefaced it by saying, "Dad told me I had to apologize" to which I responded if you are only doing it because your dad told you to then dont waste your time. He did add, "I really do mean it". but when dh talked to him later on the phone and dh said something about the incident, ss once again said it wasnt his fault and he did nothing wrong.
Sorry this list is extensive but just had to express my frustrations.

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Dang-I knew I forgot something-will add breathing to the list.

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Ummmm your DH needs to blister this kids ass vigorously and frequently IMHO. A 7th grader that acts as a 6yo should be punished ..... painfully. IMHO.

If I were you I would let your DH know that if he does not step up and effectively discipline his spawn that you will.

Best regards,

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As for my SS.

1. Video Games
2. Video games
150. Rolling his eyes and sighing when asked to do something other than video games.

These may not be the most heinous infractions but this kid is 18 and has been doing this crap since he was 8.


Best regards,

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Oh, we took away the PS2 years ago and have never purchased another game console. What he is playing is the ancient game boy, game boy advance, and DS that his SpermIdiot bought him last summer.

We also took away his lap top away nearly a year ago because he WOW'd his way to flunking out of boarding school.

He was staying up all night WOWing with the SpermIdiot. Not surprisingly the SpermIdiot got mad at us when we took the laptop away, withdrew him from a top 20 Boarding School and brought him home to finish his Sr. year at our local HS. Which is not a bad school. In fact it is the highest rated public HS in the state. It is just not the top 20 boarding/military school that he was in.

SpermIdiot :"Uhh, I think it is stupid what schools make kids do, they should just leave them alone and let them do what they want. I don't want him to leave boarding school. That is a great school, why are you punishing him ......."

Rags: "Because, you fucking MORON, his mom and I are paying for it and we are not paying a ton of money for him to play video games. You are the one that stayed up all night every night playing WOW with the kid. He either did not get out of bed the next day or slept in every class. If you want to know who's fault it is that he ruined the opportunity that his mom and I have given him LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!! If you want him to go back YOU PAY FOR IT! But of course you don't have a pot to piss in, a window to throw it out of or the brains to realize that the problem with SS is YOU!!!!"

Grrrr!!!! If I thought there was even a remote chance of winning I would sue the SpermIdiots worthless ass for the money spent on the boarding school.

Sorry for the rant.

Best regards,

jojo68's picture BS is the same way only with the laptop....he is totally addicted and it really makes me mad. Kinda of a good thing in a way cause it is good grounding leverage }:)

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Sadly, he did blister his ass the other month after he refused to participate in any cleaning the entire family was doing as we were showing the house to prospective buyers. He yelled at me-told me he didnt make any of the mess (after he had been there all weekend) and wasnt cleaning it. So dh spanked him and it made not a bit of difference. When ss was younger his parents did spank him frequently; however I know dh eventually stopped because it made no difference and if he spanked ss for every offense he would be being spanked 6 or 7 times a day.

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What a great idea to make a list! I will start doing that. Wait, can i copy yours? J/k
SS is19 now, we went through the similar things, I was very frustrated because it seems I was the only who care. His latest and newest are tattoos and piercing, had to hide his status update in facebook. He is out of school and unemployed will move in living with us soon, wait for my list! Can you tell how excited I am?

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We should just make one master-list it will save our fingers!!!

Apple...I know what you does seem like I AM the only one that care!!! It's call "powerlessness"....I am seeing a therapist over this!!!!! Now, ain't that just stupid!!!! I have know this kid since he turned 8 and ALL along I was saying a "good swift kick" would cure him!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Like, I said NOW I am in therpay and the therapist thinks I am doing above and beyond!!! She questioning where BM is!!!! I can do this, that and the other thing but can't say a word or have any input.

I would like to add this to the list:


Do you have any idea how gross this is when you stick your hand in the hamper and it lands in a pile of shit? He stopped wiping his butt when he was 13. Half the time I throw the udies out! DH refused to talk to him about this or allow me to make him take the undies out side to hose them off.....he "doesn't want to embarrass the boy."

I swear one night when he is sleeping I am going to into his room and put the poopy pants over his face when he is sleeping!!!!!!!!!!

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Timetogiveup, sorry, have to laugh at this one, Yes, been there, done, that's why he is doing his own laundry. Gross!
He also made a donut out of the toilet seat once, what a huge surprise when I lift the cover....nice (sorry, too graphic,huh?)
Is this a boy issue or what? This ain't normal or I just haven't seen enough?

Timetogiveup's picture ain't normal!!! If mine makes a donut on the bowl.....he will wear the seat as a necklace!

My brother is 5 years yonger than me. Growing up he never did these kind of things!! I would have known if he mom would have taken action!

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Well-Sat went pretty good-but we didn't see her but for a few hours-and not at my house.

Sunday they came over in afternoon-and we had no probs-we went out for a bit-no fights....

Monday-oh hell-she did her 180 and her head started spinning-she would constantly pick on my son-and of course once she starts he gives it right back. She got my oldest to gang up on him. They built a tent-he couldn't come in-he tried his best to stay away from them-he shoudlnt' have to walk on eggshells in his own house!

Then at one point the kids were playing on slip and slide outside-I had taken my youngest to store with me-he helped me shop-put stuff away then went outside-they were done playing-I walked out to her turning the water off on him saying he couldn't play..I said excuse me? She started in as my oldest followed her lead- that he (youngest) didn't do anything-that he was annoying her by being there...just plain ole bratty selfish mean picking on him...and when I objected she wouldn't back down. When her dad stepped out I didn't stop-i ranted at both his D and my oldest about how nasty they were being-that I wasn't going to have it-it's his house too-he has a right to play-nobody gets to tell him what he can/can't play with and if said to my oldest he could go inside-and she could go play w/our neighbor. I got VERY mad and vocal about it- BF got on her also...he knew I was furious. That whole ganging up crap-not having it. she's NOT going to instigate that shit in my house-she sure doesn't like it if she's ganged up on.

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Wow, where to begin...

-SD 12 sings in the car (loudy) (badly), the shower, her room, the kitchen table... it's aweful and I NEVER have quiet time. She likes some of the same music I do but I won't ever play it when she's in the car so I don't have to hear her howl out the lines. So instead I listen to old school 80's and 90's that I grew up with. DH thinks it's cute. Ugh!

-SS5 runs all over the house all weekend. Doesn't listen to a word his dad and I say. I have to ask 30 times for him to do the slightest thing.

-SD7 expects me to do everything. And not in a nice way. Saturday I let her set the table for dinner. I told her thank you for helping as she started. Then for the next 30 minutes she says didn't I do a good job. You're welcome for me setting the table. Over and over and over. It was rude!!!

-SD12 tells us at 5pm on Sunday night she has a school event the next morning. Everyone changes plans for this. We ask her what time it starts and she says 11 (a guess). It didn't start until 12:30. I'm literally 9 months pregnant and don't need to be standing around waiting for something for 1 hour and a half.

-SD12 has been here for a week and a half. How many bras has she had me wash in this time frame....NONE. G-R-O-S-S!!

-I wake all the kids up for school this morning at 7:15. They have breakfast, get dressed, clean their rooms. Then have relax time for a good 20 minutes before we leave for school. As we are walking out the door everyone says "you forgot our lunches!!". No, I didn't forget. You didn't ask me to make you one. I love how it's MY fault that they have to eat school lunch. On a side note, BM never makes them lunch for school when they are at her house, but it's EXPECTED that I do it here.

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they did nothing as usual other then mess the house. They only came downstairs when the food was done. }:)

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Hmmm...Is it bad that my BS3 and BS4 have lists as well...I mean really...should I really find that many things that bother me at this age?

BS4 is VERY "sensitive" - he is whiney everytime he isn't 'doing something'. "I WANT MY MOMMY. Mommy wants me, she needs to come get me. My, my, my, my mommy loves me and wants me. I really really really want my mommy. Please take me to my mommy's." And it goes on and on and on...

BS3 when he is cranky - he is super cranky and whiney.

Can you tell I don't have kids of my own?? Are they all this way!?

Their mother also doesn't make them eat 'meals' and when she does she let's them eat in front of the TV. So they throw huge fits when we want them to eat - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. ("I DON'T WANT DINNER - IT'S YUCK!!) Yep - this is before I ever put anything on a plate...or even put anything on the stove!

Then there's the snacks...they only want snacks - and pitch a fit when I say no. I figure that they aren't eating meals because they snack ALL day...constantly. So do you feed more healthy snacks and not worry about the meals or cut out all snacks and try to get them to eat meals?

Of course BS4 also now HATES baths. He had an absolute melt down when we made him take a bath on Sat. night...

They will not help pick up their own ask them and they ignore can totally scream right in their face and they will totally ignore do they do that??

TV - seriously - they start to cry and throw a fit if you turn the TV on and it's not on as you are trying to turn on the cartoons just having something else on the interim channel causes a total fit...


I have always wanted my own (even have paid over $40K to try and have them...) now I really wonder if I could handle it 24/7.... I am so stressed just thinking of having them...I feel horrible about that.