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Maintenance for a college student PART 2

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We got more papers in the mail from BM's lawyer. They are now asking DH to produce a list of each and every payment he has made toward medical expenses of the minor children since 2001. They also want all income Tax Returns from 2005 on. They also want all pay check stubs, checking and savings account statements, investment, pension and IRA statements. They want all cancelled check and check registers of all checking accounts since January 2005. Also copies of all credit card statements from 2005 until present. Plus a completed Affidavit of Income, Expenses. Assets and Debts. A big part of these things we do not have. Credit card statements once they are paid are held for three months then I get rid of them. The whole thing is just ridiculous. The pension plan statements make me nuts. In their settlement agreement she automatically gets $900 of his retirement as it is. Since she agreed to that in 2001 and it is a done deal it really is none of her business what he has in his retirement plan now. He doesn't save his paycheck stubs. He has had his child support raised in 2005 and again in November 2006. The last time in November 2006 she demanded $800 a month from $600 and we have been paying that ever since without a court order. He carries the medical insurance on the children and we pay half of all expenses it doesn't pay. This is going to be a nightmare.

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I know they need this stuff to determine how much, if any BF should pay towards college. Credit card info really should not be relavent. Didn't BF give copies of taxes for the review of child support. I would have look over the law again to see what is actually needed and what the lawyer is just being annoying about.

IMO all they should need is taxes, proof of expenses ie mortgage/rent, utlities, insurance, stuff like that. Call the clinic/hospital where the kids go to the doc and get a statement of all accounts including payments from that date on. That should save you a little leg work.

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Yeah.. I would have your lawyer challenge the majority of that paperwork request as harassment..

Why isnt this child applying for financial aid and scholarships????

Further.. I came from an intact family.. my parents did NOT pay my tuition to college, nor could I have compelled them to through either debating them or through a court of law.. so why do these dads have to be burdened w/this sh*t? The best financial advisors will tell you to NOT put your kids through college.. to NOT mortgage your home for a college tuition.. that these kids have the earning potential to pay off loans over a 15 yr basis.. that parents being close to retirement do not have the same potential!!

CHRIST. When will the blood sucking end???